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Novita: A Review

By Brad Edwards • August 10, 2022 in Literature
"Novita" ("girlfriend" in Spanish) is a pleasant bossa nova that could serve as an interlude or encore piece in a recital program. A pianist with some jazz experience would be a good choice but not a necessary one.

Beyond the End of the Century: A Review

By Tom Lukowicz • July 11, 2022 in Recordings
Beyond the End of the Century" on Summit Records was originally released in 1998 as "At the End of the Century" by the International Trombone Association. The ITA commissioned this project specifically for Alessi to showcase new compositions.

Dental Suite: A Review

By Peter Fielding • June 15, 2022 in Literature
These etudes are of value for those seeking repertoire for the developing musician that differs from introductory overtone, flexibility, and slide position technical exercises ubiquitous of trombonist-authored treatises

Wherein Lies the Good: A Review

By Ben Bruflat • June 01, 2022 in Recordings
Wherein Lies the Good is a fascinating experience and one that should be sought out by audiences of all backgrounds. The music transcends traditional boundaries and creates a welcoming atmosphere to experienced and casual listeners alike.

Aries Trombone Quartet: A Review

By Brad Edwards • May 26, 2022 in Recordings
With the exception of the final piece, every piece was written or arranged by a trombonist. Given the difficulty of these pieces, it shows how far the perception of our instrument's capabilities has advanced.

The One Hundred: Essential Works for the Symphonic Tenor Trombonist: A Review

By Peter Fielding • May 06, 2022 in Literature
This is an excellent collection of over 300 orchestral excerpts spanning 100 compositions, including some hard-to-obtain non-public domain repertoire.

Sonata for Bass Trombone and Piano by Timothy Bowers: A Review

By Tom Lukowicz • May 05, 2022 in Literature
Timothy Bower's Sonata for Bass Trombone and Piano brings a new flavor into the bass trombone repertoire. Each movement contains unique ensemble challenges that, when executed correctly, can make the piece come to life and provide the listeners with an intriguing fifteen-minute performance.

Freedom Variations for Brass Quintet: A Review

By Ben Bruflat • April 11, 2022 in Literature
For a strong ensemble that is up to the challenge and seeking new repertoire to add to their library, Alyssa Reit's brass quintet is a worthy addition and one that will hopefully excite future audiences the way it has excited this reviewer

Trombone Unlimited: A Review

By Mike Lomas • February 26, 2022 in Literature
This is a significant achievement. Indeed, Megumi Kanda has produced a major addition to our repertoire, and I would recommend it to any serious teacher or player of our instrument.

Reconnected: A Review

By Peter Tijerina • February 01, 2022 in Recordings
Getting in touch with one's heritage is a key component to fully understanding oneself and trombonist and euphoniumist Altin Sencalar has done just that with his latest jazz album, Reconnected.

Joy, Tears & Luck and An Bord!: A Review

By Bjorn Swanson • January 10, 2022 in Literature
Finding chamber music suitable for developing trombonists can pose a difficult challenge. Fortunately, two recent publications from Musikverlag Uetz Music, a quartet by Ernst-Thilo Kalke and a trio arranged by Eric Kania, have made this search a little easier.

Art of Fugue: A Review

By Ben Bruflat • December 28, 2021 in Recordings
Mike Hall brings trombone repertoire back into the 18th century, inspiring his audience to join him in this album of old-meets-new. While other artists may be looking forward, Hall proves that there is still much to be learned by looking back.

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