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Brad Edwards


Dr. Brad Edwards teaches trombone at Arizona State University, a position he began in 2016. He is the principal trombonist of the South Carolina Philharmonic. Previously he taught at the University of South Carolina and the University of Northern Iowa. He has authored a number of pedagogical books for trombone which sell around the world and have received praise from prominent figures in the trombone world. He composed a set of 176 one-minute audition pieces for all winds and brass. These pieces have been adopted for all-state auditions by South Carolina and Utah. Other states are considering these pieces for adoption. More recently, he composed and recorded a set of 24 pieces for trombone and piano. He runs the websites and He is the founder of the Trombone Pedagogy forum on Facebook a group with over 8,000 members as of August 2019.

OTJ Reviews


Novita: A Review

By Brad Edwards • August 10, 2022
"Novita" ("girlfriend" in Spanish) is a pleasant bossa nova that could serve as an interlude or encore piece in a recital program. A pianist with some jazz experience would be a good choice but not a necessary one.



Aries Trombone Quartet: A Review

By Brad Edwards • May 26, 2022
With the exception of the final piece, every piece was written or arranged by a trombonist. Given the difficulty of these pieces, it shows how far the perception of our instrument's capabilities has advanced.



Vital Signs: A Review

By Brad Edwards • February 07, 2020
Both for his excellent playing and for the presentation of valuable bass trombone solo repertoire, George Curran is to be congratulated for an outstanding offering.



Riffs & Dances: A Review

By Brad Edwards • September 17, 2003
This is a moderately challenging, through-composed piece for unaccompanied trombone ranging from pedal B-flat to high D-flat (the F-attachment range isn't used, though).



Harlequin for Bass Trombone and Piano: A Review

By Brad Edwards • May 30, 2002
Considering the complexities of this work and Lipkis' own allusions to programmatic content, the fact that Warwick hasn't bothered to include explanatory notes is inexcusable. If you are in the mood for a real challenge, this work will offer plenty of them, both technically and musically.



Panis Angelicus: A Review

By Brad Edwards • April 08, 2002
This work is a useful, practical addition to the trombone choir folder which can be used to feature a younger soloist.



Arrows of Time: A Review

By Brad Edwards • April 26, 2000
David Vining, Professor of Trombone at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, issues this confident solo recording featuring music from the present and the past.