Sending Items for Review

Performers, composers and publishers that have original creative products they would like to have reviewed are invited to either contact us with links to materials in electronic form or provide printed/physical media via postal mail to:

Peter Fielding
J.M. Wilson Building
Room 215, MD 3101
471 Bartow Ave, Kennesaw, GA 30144

The Online Trombone Journal team will select a reviewer for your creative product. Our goal is to publish reviews within 30-45 days of receiving the item(s).

Writing a Review

Thoroughly read/listen to/watch the item for review. Begin the review with a summary (3-5 sentences) of the item - laying out the main points that will be expounded upon through the review. Highlight the characteristics that make the literature/recording unique or exemplary. Where appropriate, use specific examples (page or measure numbers, timings of a track, etc...) that support your opinion. While it is fair to mention areas for improvement or future consideration, avoid harsh or negative language in a review. For items that have glaring issues, in lieu of publishing a negative review the OTJ policy is to not publish that review.

Some general points to address in a review are: what is the goal or purpose of the literature/recording, who is the intended audience or who would find this item most useful, what makes this item unique or standout, are there other literature or recordings that complement this item?

Write for the OTJ

The Online Trombone Journal is seeking new literature and recording reviews authors. Reviews will be of literature and recordings received by the OTJ from publishers, performers and music labels. For physical media, the reviewer will be able to keep the review item. For items where digital access is provided it is expected that the reviewer may store a copy for themselves but will not distribute the digital items.

Potential authors should have previous writing experience at the graduate level or equivalent professional experience. Those interested in writing reviews for the OTJ are encouraged to contact us for more information.