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James William Sobaskie


Dr. James William Sobaskie has taught music theory, ear training, and composition at Mississippi State University since 2008. He is on the editorial boards of Music Theory Online and Nineteenth-Century Music Review, and is CD/DVD Reviews Editor for the latter. Dr. Sobaskie also serves on the Comité Scientifique of Œuvres Complètes de Gabriel Faurè and prepared its inaugural volume, a critical edition of the composer's last two works. Sobaskie contributed two chapters to Drama in the Music of Franz Schubert, which he co-edited with Joe Davies from the University of Oxford, and has another in the forthcoming Cambridge Companion to Winterreise. His own book, The Music of Gabriel Fauré: Style, Structure and the Art of Allusion, will be released by Routledge.

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Preludes, Rags and Cakewalks: A Review

By James William Sobaskie • May 11, 2020
At first blush, the recent release of Preludes, Rags and Cakewalks, conducted by Eric Crees, might seem like an album of encores, or a collection meant for light listening. But this compact disc is much more.