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Podcast "Speaking Soundly" to feature Denson Paul Pollard

By OTJ News • September 20, 2022

Next Monday, Sept. 26th "Speaking Soundly" will feature Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Trombonist Dr. Denson Paul Pollard who had an unconventional path to the stage and credits his grit, determination, and humble roots for taking him from a small town in rural Georgia to Carnegie Hall. Paul's work ethic is inspiring as he describes the jobs he's held from Iowa to Hong Kong and his daily commute from Indiana to New York City. It is sure to be of interest to all trombonists.

Hosted by Principal Trumpet of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra David Krauss, Speaking Soundly brings the lives and stories of high-profile, international, diverse, and vibrant performing artists to listeners. David is a friend and peer to these performers, making their conversations less guarded and more intimate, allowing the audience to feel as though they have been invited to join David in his living room with his confidants. 

You can find more details about the podcast at the "Speaking Soundly" website.