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Trombone Basics: How to Put Together and Take Apart Your Instrument

By Luke Malewicz • January 31, 2021 • 1 min read

Congratulations on your new trombone, and joining your school band or orchestra! As you will find through your musical life, receiving a new instrument is very exciting, and it is an important responsibility. The trombone is unique in that we open the slide into the space in front of us to play it, and like woodwind instruments, we take the trombone apart into big pieces to put in the case.

Just as with any instrument the trombone is easy to damage it if we are not careful not only when playing it but also when we take it out and put it back into the case. In this video I will walk you through putting the instrument together and taking it apart. I will be showing you the best way to do this from your point of view so that it is easy to follow along. I hope that this will be very helpful and show you the good habits that we all practice as trombonists.


Trombone Basics - How to put together and take apart your instrument