Orchestral Excerpts for the Tenor Trombonist: William Tell Overture

By Joseph Alessi • May 01, 1997 • 1 min read

With all the fast and technical excerpts, it is important to realize that sound should still be of prime importance. As you practise this excerpt, try taking a sound bite (snapshot) of your tone and ask yourself if it is the best tone that you can possibly play. I would suggest a bit longer style of eighths because of the louder volume. Think of your air propelling the tounge and not the tounge propelling the air.

Try making the eighths a bit more important in volume than the tied whole notes and not the other way around. When taking this excerpt apart, practise in fragments using many different tempi and repeat each fragment 10 times with perfection. Move on to the next fragment and do the same. Finally join fragments together keeping in mind to overlap the last note of the first fragment with the first note of the second fragment and so on. Feel this excerpt in two but count it in 4 in your head. Good luck!

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