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Tom Gibson has been a member of the Navy Band in Washington, DC since 1993. He earned a Bachelor of Music Degree at the University of Michigan and then a Master of Music from the University of Northern Colorado. Currently, he is completing a Doctor of Musical Arts at Catholic University. He has appeared as soloist with the Navy Band on more than 20 occasions, including two national tours. Recently, he premiered a Wind Ensemble arrangement of the Hindemith Sonata at the Eastern Trombone Workshop, where he was accompanied by the United States Army Band. Tom has a great interest in vintage and classic motorcycles. Presently he rides a 1984 BMW, soon to be equipped with sidecar!!!

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Audition Observations

March 01, 1999
I was recently afforded the unique opportunity to sit on an audition committee with my section-mates. In discussing the experience afterwards with some of the candidates, I came to realize that a majority of them were unaware of their musical and physical reactions on stage. For their benefit, and for all of us who plan on taking auditions in the future, I decided to document the experience in order to shed light on the matter. I truly believe that we can all gain from others' experiences.....good or bad.