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Whether you are nine or ninety, learning to play a musical instrument is one of the most fun and rewarding experiences you can have. Music is a natural form of expression for humans and other living things. It helps to bring people together, and to grow individually. It is healthy, it is beautiful, and it adds meaning to life.

This section of the Online Trombone Journal is dedicated to those who have decided to learn to play the trombone. It should be said up front that this resource is no substitute for taking lessons and participating in ensembles in your school or community





Jazz Improvisation for Beginners
So you want to learn how to improvise jazz. "Where do I begin?" you might ask. You have worked hard to learn to read music, now how do you make it up on the spot? Use this introduction to get started!

Keep It Clean: A Basic Guide to Trombone Care
If you were lucky when you first recieved your trombone, someone took a few minutes to teach you how to put your new best friend together and lubricate its handslide and tuning slide. If not, here are the basics of how to keep your trombone playing smoothly.

Playing Legato on the Trombone: A Primer
Most trombonists at one time or another have trouble executing a clean, singing legato. This article is an introduction to the basic slurring techniques used by trombonists, and some basic tips on how to practice them.

Vibrato: An Overview for Trombonists
Vibrato is a musical embellishment produced by varying a notes pitch, amplitude, or both, going slightly above and below the note in a regular, repeated fashion. This article presents various techniques for vibrato, discusses the uses of vibrato, and presents advice for learning stylistic concerns.

Music & Sounds
Solo: The Joy in Being Able
Download, print, and play this new composition by Norman Bolter. Composed exclusively for the OTJ, this piece is simple, and beautiful.

Staying Motivated
The most difficult thing about learning to play an instrument is staying motivated. Use these brief ideas to help you stay motivated, and also add some of your own.

Warm-ups for Young Trombonists
Your lips are made up of many muscles which help you to play trombone, and it's necessary that you warm them up every day. The following is a warm-up that will help you get ready to play the trombone.

Weekly Practice Sheet
Everyone practices differently, but our goals are all the same - to improve. To start you out, download and print this Weekly Practice Sheet. Use it for a while and then make one to suit your own practice habits.

One-Octave Scales and Arpeggios
Scales are the building-blocks of music, and help us get to know our instruments better. Download and print these major and minor scale sheets to help you learn and memorize these important elements of music.

Two-Octave Scales and Arpeggios
After you are comfortable with those one-octave scales, begin increasing your range in the lower and upper registers by expanding your scale practice to two octaves. Download and print these handy scale sheets.

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