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The Online Trombone Journal seeks to support authors and resource developers by protecting the materials they submit for publication.

Please review the following information, and contact the publisher via E-mail for more information.

  About the OTJ

All text, sounds, pictures and other materials are the copyright of, the Online Trombone Journal, and the author of any such material. Unauthorised duplication of any material contained in this web site is a violation of applicable laws.

As is custom with academic journals, the copyright for material submitted to and published in the Article Library of the Online Trombone Journal remains with the author of that material unless otherwise noted. The Online Trombone Journal retains copyright over presentation, layout, design, interactivity, and all other technical aspects of this site which makes it possible to present the work of authors and content creators.

Those wishing to use information, sounds, pictures, or other material from the Online Trombone Journal are encouraged to first contact the publisher via E-mail at:

Reprints of Articles or other Resources

Final permission for reprints in other publications of articles appearing in the Online Trombone Journal rests with the author. Reprints in publications which reach audiences other than that of the Online Trombone Journal are encouraged. Other web sites are encourages to link directly to material in the Online Trombone Jorunal rather than duplicate resources on the Internet.

It is common editorial courtesy to notify the publisher when reprinting material from a journal. In all cases where reprints are requested, the following procedure is suggested:

  1. Contact the pubisher of the Online Trombone Journal via E-mail with your request. Please be specific about which content you wish to reprint, for what purpose the reprint is requested, and which publication it is requested for.
  2. The publisher will forward the request to the author(s).
  3. Once permission has been gained from the author(s), the publisher will notify the requesting party as such and then ask any relevant questions which may apply to the specific situation.
  4. The following statement will appear in a prominent location on the first page of the reprinted material:
    Reprinted with permission from (Author's Name). This material originally appeared in the Online Trombone Journal ( in (month and year).

Reprinted material from the Online Trombone Journal appearing in other publications without express permission of the author will be subject to penalties as allowed by U.S. Copyright laws.

Any questions or concerns may be addressed to the publisher at:

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