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    Alto Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Buy: Alto Trombone
Im looking for an alto trombone that plays with a perfect sound/pitch at any dynamic/speed. One that never plays anything out of tune and will allow me to sight read the Albrechtsberger perfectly the first time. Or whatever you've got for around $350
Contact: Kevin Casey --
    Alto Trombones - For Sale
    Tenor Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Trade: King 3B+
Want to trade King 3B+ for a regular King 3B of similar condition.
Contact: danny --
    Tenor Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Bach LT16M
For sale is a Bach LT16M in like-new condition. I found this horn to be very versatile and extremely light. It is in fantastic shape, with only a tiny scuff on the bell crook. Practically brand new! Includes Bach 7C mouthpiece and case. Shipping within the United States only. Asking $2100, free shipping. Link to photos:
Contact: Jason Miller --
For Sale: Elkhart Conn 88H
1969 Conn 88H trombone. ( An Elkhardt model)Seral number- M03XXX. In vert good shape but has some wear for being 45 years old. It plays great jut as is. In my career I've owned several Elkhardt 88H trombones. Most very good to great horns. This one is also a good to great Elkhardt 88H. Great sound, and response. It plays like a Conn 88H should play. $2350.00. By UPS C.O.D. Once you've recieved the horn , I will give you 7 days trial. If you don't want the horn at that point, you ship it back to me at your expense. Once I've recieved the horn and it's in the same condition as when I sent it, I'll return your money. I have pictures I can send, by email.
Contact: A. Michael Brown --
For Sale: King 2B
I have a King 2B for sale. It was bought in 2009 and has hardly been played. Slide is in excellent condition, very little visible wear, overall it's a great trombone. $800. I'm selling because I never use this horn anymore and it just sits in the closet. Comes with the hard case, no mouthpiece. Buyer pays shipping. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, if you wanted to get quotes.
Contact: Michael Tutton --
For Sale: Rath R2
I have a Rath R2 that I need to sell. Here are the specs: .510 bore, lightweight nickel silver slide, nickel silver bell, yellow gooseneck, yellow tuning slide. This is an absolutely fantastic horn, in superb condition. I really HATE to sell it, but I'm going to be doing a lot more classical playing for the foreseeable future. Basically, I need a great classical horn more than I need a great jazz/lead horn right now. This is one of the most versatile horns I have ever had. Depending on the mouthpiece you use and the way you play it, this horn can sound really dark, or it can cut through a big band like a laser. I can play the lead book, solo chair, pop, Latin. You name it. If I thought I could get away with using it for orchestral stuff, I would absolutely hold on to it. It's just not that type of horn. I paid $3500 in August. Since I've had it for such a short time, I'd like to get $3000, but I will certainly consider serious offers. PayPal only, please. I will pay for CONUS shipping if someone pays my asking price of $3000. I would consider a trade. I'm looking for a large bore with F attachment. (preferably modular) My ideal would be to move up to the R4, so if you have one of those and decide you just want something a little smaller, please let me know. I won't hold my breath on that. Here is a link to some photos. Please feel free to ask any questions. I will get another one of these at some point. Unfortunately for now, I have other pressing needs.
Contact: Rob Killips --
For Sale: Shires Tenor Trombone
Selling: Shires TRU Bore Tenor Trombone Very good condition, about 5 years old. Paid around $5000 at the time. I'm looking for $3500 OBO. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me for pictures or other information. Cheers
Contact: Ryan --
For Sale: Bach LT42B
I have a Bach LT42B, traditional wrap, and lightweight slide. Circa 1978-83. It has not been played regularly in 7-8 years. I would rate it at 8-8.5/10. I have no need for the horn and think someone could get good use out of it. I am also including a Pro Tec case with the purchase. The buyer pays shipping. Email me for pictures and price.
Contact: Kyle --
For Sale: Bach 42AF
I'm selling a Bach Stradivarius 42AF with the Infinity valve in almost brand new condition. It comes with a case that is also in extremely good condition. Email me for pictures and pricing.
Contact: Erik McMahon --
For Sale: King 5B
I am selling a King 5B trombone. I believe it is from the 80's. It is in good shape, the slide moves smoothly as well as the rotor. There is some laquer wear but that is typical of King horns. I will send pictures if there is interest. Please email and we will talk price and pictures. I am willing to ship
Contact: Michael Tignor --
For Sale: Custom Bach 42
I´m currently selling a Bach 42. The trombone was modified and customized by Noah Gladstone, owner of the BrassArk in Los Angeles. The horn was completely overhauled. It was also transformed from a close to an open wrap with Larry Minick style tubing for the F trigger. The bell was also annealed and relaquered. The leadpipe was removed and is now interchangeable. The slide was align and works really well. The trombone has great response and a big and consistent sound. Asking for $2900 (case and shipping included). Please email me for pictures and more details.
Contact: Adrián Nájera-Coto --
For Sale: Shires Tenor Trombone
Shires .500 trombone I am selling a Shires small bore trombone. The bell is a 1YM 8", the slide is a T00NLW (.500 nickle lightweight slide), and it has the standard tuning slide. Comes with three leadpipes, a 1 2 and 3. The horn was built around 2002, and I have been the only owner. I'm asking $1850, the buyer pays shipping and insurance.
Contact: Jeffrey Grubin --
For Sale: Shires Tenor Trombone
Shires Trombone. TW47G slide, 2RVET7 Bell and Thayer valve. This is a well used instrument, obvious wear around the slide where the hand is always in contact with the lacquer. Bell was damaged by an airline in 2009, it has been repaired and works great. Comes with a Cronkite gig bag. $2500CAD plus shipping. $2800CAD with a Bonna case.
Contact: Michael Tutton --
    Bass Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
    Bass Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Custom Bach 50T3
Bach 50T3 modified by Merlin Grady. Detachable yellow bell with edge bracing, reversible tuning slide, and Merlin's nickel slide crook. The horn was purchased brand new (factory 50T3) in 2009. Comes with Marcus Bona case.
Contact: Graydon McGrannahan --
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