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For Sale: Bach 16
Bach 16 Tenor Trombone. 104XXX serial number (early nineties) Excellent player. Raw brass. Slide 9/10. ProTec case. Email for pictures. $1200 with free domestic shipping.
Contact: Pete Anderson --
For Sale: Conn 88H CL
Conn 88H CL. $1750 OBO. This was my college horn, but I have recently upgraded. Rose lacquer and Christian Lindbergh valve. The bell was dented by Delta Airline when I had to check it one year (it has been repaired) and has some lacquer has been rubbed off in the usual places. The slide and valve are like butter. I had it chem cleaned and checked up earlier this month. Email me for pictures.
Contact: Drew --
For Sale: Elkhart Conn 88H
A 1970 Elkhart Conn 88H trombone. Serial number - N21xxx. It's a good 88H. Not the best I've ever played , but for the price I'm asking Awfully good. $1275,00 shipped within the 48 lower United States. ... By U.P.S. C.O.D. NO PAY PAL. When the horn arrives, you give the UPS driver a cashiers check or money order made out to me and he leaves you with the horn. I'll give you 5 days decision time after that. If after that you want to send it back, do so at your own shipping cost and in the same condition as it was when I sent it to you and I'll THEN send your money back.
Contact: Mike Brown --
For Sale: Conn 88H
Conn 88H. Serial Number R34xxx. Excellent condition. Recently cleaned and aligned. Comes with original case. Asking $1150. Buyer pays shipping. Instrument located in Bowling Green, OH.
Contact: Shawn Mathey --
For Sale: Getzen 1047FR
I am selling my Getzen 1047FR Eterna Series tenor trombone. This instrument was purchased in 2006 and has not seen much use since 2010. It has been recently serviced and both the valve and slide are in good working order. The only issue with this instrument is some cosmetic wear in the usual spots (neck brace, hand slide) and one dent in the F valve tuning slide that is pictured below. This particular trombone is a very versatile instrument with capabilities to play orchestrally or in a jazz setting. Here are the specs for the instrument: .547" Large Bore Gold Brass Tuning Slide with rounded bow Nickel inner slides with yellow outer tubes and nickel crook 8 1/2" Red Brass Bell Open wrap F attachment Pictures are at the dropbox link below.
Please let me know if you have any questions!
Contact: Sterling Tanner --
For Sale: King 3B Silversonic Anniversary Edition
King 3B Silversonic Anniversary Edition. Mint condition with original case. $1,600 plus shipping. Email for pictures and additional information.
Contact: Jeffrey D. Straussman --
For Sale: King 2B Liberty
1949 H.N. White King 2b Liberty, S/N 302XXX, all original including alligator case. Slide is excellent, no wear on stockings, bell section is nice, some lacquer wear on upper bell above engraving, H.N. White counterweight. The worn lacquer has been removed from the slide tubes. The case has scuff marks from usage, the interior is in excellent shape. A very nice original classic. $900.00 firm plus shipping, mp not included. Photos upon request.
Contact: Cliff Crawford --
For Sale: Edwards Alessi T396 w/Bach LT42 Slide
Beautiful Alessi T396 Bell Section w/ very fast, short and smooth rotax valve. Will sell Bach Light (nickle)weight 42 slide with it,or will sell just bell section.Includes all sound Bars and will throw in new hard (greenline) case Never bought slide because the slides I tried were not good in my opinion. I barely played the instrument, very little lacquer wear! Plays really great! I am only selling because it didn't have the sound I was looking for. By far the easiest instrument I have ever played, asking 3300 with slide or 3100 without slide. Slide is worn on outside(lacquer) but smooth and very nice playing. I will send pic's as requested. Paypal accepted
Contact: Paul Bellino --
For Sale: Edwards T-350e
Edwards Tenor T350-e for sale in very good condition. A few minor dings and some lacquer missing in normal places. Rose brass bell, t-bcn slide, 3 interchangeable leadpipes, .547 bore, axial flow valve. I just don't play anymore so there is no need for me to hang on to it. Professionally cleaned and aligned on 2/5/2018. Asking $2500 plus paypal fees and shipping. I can provide photos or any other information via e-mail.
Contact: Josh Tedeton --
For Sale: Edwards T396A
Selling an Edwards T396A "Alessi Horn" Asking price is $3800 OBO. Comes with a case. There are a few dings to the bell and one on the F tuning slide but other than that, excellent condition. All pillars except the copper 3. Pictures are available upon request. I would love for this instrument to go to a good home. New this sells for $5300 with a case. CONUS shipping preferred. Thanks and if you have any questions don't hesitate contact me!
Contact: Kenneth Workman --
For Sale: Elkhart Conn 8H
1959 Elkhart Conn 8H Trombone in Excellent Condition. Details: No dents. Inner tubes have been replaced, and the original Elkhart lead pipe retained and made removable. The slide alignment has been 'optimized', inner and outer tubing aligned better than original factory production. 9-9.5 hand slide action. Main tuning slide, neck pipe, hand held area, and hand-slide crook have been gently refinished with epoxy lacquer for durability. The bell flare has not been touched. Overall: 98% lacquer Original case. Has a beautiful sound and point/center to the blow. Top Greenhoe technician did the tweaking/slide work. $2000 firm + paypal fees and shipping (if you are out of state). Will ship to Europe. Please feel free to inquire if you have any questions!
Contact: Randall Ruback --
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For Sale: Yamaha YBL-822G
For sale: Mint condition Yamaha YBL-822G This has been my "backup" horn for a while. Excellent player. $3800, includes CONUS shipping. Message me if you are interested and I can send some pics. Thanks!
Contact: Mike --
For Sale: Yamaha YBL-322
Yamaha single valve bass trombone model YBL-322. Very good condition. Some scratches on bell section. Small dent in tuning slide that doesn't affect tone or operation of slide. Slide is 8 out of 10. Very good response in trigger and pedal registers. This is an intermediate level instrument which would be a good choice for a student or someone who doubles on bass trombone. $850. Email for photos.
Contact: Bruce Keffer --
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