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    Alto Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
    Alto Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Bach 39
Bach 39, alto trombone, serial # 20XXX. Made by the "Vincent Bach Corporation," Elkhart Indiana, in the mid 70's Formerly owned by Arnold Fromme, founder of the American Brass Quintet The slide is super smooth and it has a sweet sound! Original lacquer is worn off of outer slide in a few places. Only a few small dents in the bell original case I am pricing it at $1400 plus shipping and handling Please email me at with questions or to request photos.
Contact: Debra Taylor --
    Tenor Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Buy: Mt. Vernon Bach 42
I am looking for a Mt. Vernon Bach 42. I prefer a lightweight slide and valve, but are not hard requirements. Please send pictures and price.
Contact: Nicholas Bulgarino --
    Tenor Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: King 2B Liberty
1949 King Liberty 2B This trombone is a beauty and it's a collector's item! serial # 302XXX, built in 1949 slide is very good, especially for its age 7 3/8" bell, not dual bore made in Ceveland Ohio by the HN White Co excellent condition, beautiful lacquer, a few small dents in the bell and tuning slide original case Priced at $1800 plus shipping and handling Contact me at for questions and photos.
Contact: Debra Taylor --
For Sale: Lawler Tenor Trombone
Lawler November 2016 2 bell flares. LB1-5 Yellow brass stem .025 thickness. Z-5 Bronze .025 Bronze and R-2 Red brass .022 thickness. LS-5N .500 bore lightweight nickel outside tubes with yellow brass end bow. all mint, but a small ding in the red brass bell. $2200 + shipping.
Contact: Nic --
For Sale: Custom Bach Mt. Vernon 42G
Bach Mt. Vernon 42 gold/red brass bell with Bach Elkhart light weight slide and Kanstul Controlled Resistance open wrap (oversize/more open) rotary valve section. The Kanstul CR valve section plays very evenly between the open horn and the valve and its lighter weight (than Thayer/Greenhoe, etc.) works well with this instrument. This is a very responsive and flexible instrument, ideal for many chamber orchestra, quintet and solo settings. For sale in the Continental US and Canada only. Buyer pays shipping from US zip code 55113. Asking $2,500. without case. Photos emailed on request.
Contact: Tom Ashworth --
For Sale: Edwards T350-E
I am selling my Edwards T350-E Tenor Trombone. This was my main instrument during my college years and since then has only been used as a back up instrument. It has always had regular professional maintenance and is in excellent condition. The instrument does have quite a bit of surface wear in the usual places but still looks great. It's a very responsive instrument with a beautiful sound, a great slide and is very easy to play. Specifications: -Model: T350-E -Valve: Axial Flow -Bore: .547" -Bell: 384CF (8 ½ inch bell) -Slide: T-BCN -Tuning Slide: Rose/Single Radius -Leadpipes: T1, T2 and T3 (Brass) Additional Edwards accessories: -Leadpipes: T1 and T2 (Sterling Silver) -Neckpipe: T350 Symphonic Tenor open neckpipe -Counterweight Lastly, I will also be including a Protec MAX case with the instrument and free shipping within the continental US. Asking for $3,000 OBO. Email for photos and please, serious inquires only.
Contact: Gil Cruz --
For Sale: Getzen 3047AF
Getzen Custom 3047AF tenor trombone with a Thayer valve F- attachment. Exterior looks slightly worn, but the slides and valve are in fantastic working condition. Trombone comes with 3 lead pipes (one already in the trombone, and 2 additional lead pipes. No mouthpiece is included The case is quite heavy duty. I originally paid $2,700 for this horn; sale price is $2,200. As courtesy of purchase, seller will pay for shipping costs in order to ship to buyer.
Contact: Joseph G. --
For Sale: Jupiter XO 1236RL-T
For Sale: Jupiter XO 1236RL-T (red brass w/Thayer valve) This horn is in great condition and only a couple of years old. The valve and hand slide work great! The horn comes with three interchangeable leadpipes and a hard case. Excellent instrument and would be a great buy for a student looking to upgrade or college bound. Asking $2300, pics available.
Contact: Robert Soto --
For Sale: Olds Opera
Olds Opera with F attachment. This is the nickel silver bell model. Horn has never been relacquered or modified. It comes with the original case and an Olds 20 Mouthpiece. F attachment speaks remarkably better than most horns I've owned. Slide is excellent. A few mute kisses are the only imperfections that I can find. Plus a little plating wear on the slide holder. I used a wick 6BS on it and get a very modern sonorous sound, but push it and it will roar without a crack! It took me a little time to get comfortable with. If you want to trade me a Bach 42 I'd be open to that, otherwise I'm asking $850.
Contact: Daniel Noyes --
For Sale: Olds Ambassador
Have an old trombone in case, know nothing about it. It has Olds & Sons on it and is an Ambassador, also case has a metal Ambassador tag on it. Has a small "30" stamped near the threads where the slide goes in, and stamped on one end of slide under the screw on cap thing is "107361". Trying to find out how old this is (1954?) and any potential value, not expecting much.
Contact: Dennis Moore --
    Bass Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
    Bass Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Bach 50B
Bach 50B single valve bass trombone, built in the early 70's, serial # 78203 slide is super smooth valve has excellent compression original lacquer and original case Very minor dings: one small dent in tuning slide and at the end of hand slide, as well as a few scratches on the bell priced at $1800 plus shipping and handling Email me at for photos or questions.
Contact: Debra Taylor --
For Sale: Shires Bass Trombone
Shires Bass with independent rotary valves(new) or tru-bore valves(used ). The instrument is only 1 year old and played only 4 months. The specs are as follows: BII 2B G bell, "B" tuning slide, B62 slide ,2 Leadpipes. Valves and slide are extremely smooth, 10/10. Protec Ipac case . Please email me for pictures and with any questions you might have. Asking $5,500 with rotary valves,$5250 with Tru-bore or $7500 with both valves.
Contact: Jorge Urani --
For Sale: Shires Bass Trombone
Shires Bass Trombone with axial flow valves. Has Bollinger tuning on the Gb valve. Yellow brass bell (7YLW) and one lead pipe. Some cosmetic issues but great mechanical shape. Comes with Bach 1 1/2 mouthpiece and a gig bag. Would be willing to pay shipping to most places. Asking $4500.
Contact: Nicholas Gragg --
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For Sale: Conn Baritone
1922 Conn four valve screw bell baritone from Elkhart, IN serial number is 198XXX silver plating is aged, but still looks good valves have been reconditioned and bell screws on quite well There is a patch on the lead pipe and signs of repair at two of the seams. all tuning slides move smoothly and give a nice "pop" when you pull them out This baritone was donated to the El Sistema program where I teach, after sitting in a closet for decades. Priced at $600 plus shipping and handling Email me at for questions or photos.
Contact: Debra Taylor --

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