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For Sale: New York Bach Mercury
NY Bach small bore tenor trombone, ca. 1939, in good condition. s/n 1533 on .485 slide; s/n 533 on bell section & tuning slide. The one piece 7" bell is marked "Mercury Model" from the Vincent Bach factory in Manhattan, before it was moved to the Bronx, Mt Vernon, or Elkhart. The slide receiver is a press fit. The slide is in good condition, recently overhauled by Jim Grubbs in Elkhart, Indiana. The brass Vincent Bach Corp. New York logo was salvaged from from the original case. I was looking for a small to medium bore horn as an alternative to my Bach 42, and always wanted to try an early New York Bach. I find, though, that it's too different from what I'm used to, and should go to someone who appreciates it. I think this would be a nice jazz horn or high quality starter instrument. It has a typically warm Bach sound. $675 plus shipping or free delivery within 20 miles of South Bend, Indiana.
Contact: Brian Malone --
For Sale: Getzen 1050
Getzen Eterna Series 1050 Small Bore Jazz/Classical trombone. Comes with Black Wooden Case- Downsizing sale- about to move- great little horn, couple years old, as good as new.
Contact: Andrew Reich --
For Sale: 1951 New York Bach 16
1951 New York Bach Stradivarius Model 16 in near mint/beautiful condition. Duo Bore slide (0.495/0.510″) with gold brass 7 inch bell. Serial #: 3612. Includes gold brass outer slide tubes, yellow brass crook. Slide tubes replaced, original lead pipe retained. Excellent slide action. Beautifully refinished by Brian Russell. 99% lacquer. Plays exceptionally well. The 7 inch bell lends point & focus to the warmth of the gold brass flare and gold brass outer slide tubes. Does not play small - at all. Very much the creamy rich & beautiful Bill Watrous Bach 16 sound. Original case. Will ship to selected countries. Price available upon request. Paypal and shipping to be included (Please note: check out 'Zelle' with your bank. This payment method has no fees and is free). $2395
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: 1958 Elkhart Conn 8H
This is a 1958 Elkhart Conn 8H in excellent condition. As was standard during this period, there is no slide lock, although it is quite easy to lock the slide using a woman's hair band, and I will include one with this sale. This is a wonderful playing instrument with the classic 8H sound. It sounds phenomenal in an orchestra. There is some plating loss on the inner tubes. The slide action is an 8 out of 10. Am selling 'as is', the next owner modifying or tweaking as they shall choose. Reason for selling - buying a house and must thin the herd. Please feel free to ask questions. Buyer is responsible for all Paypal and shipping fees. (Check out 'Zelle' with your bank. Zero fees and is a free service). Will ship overseas where I have many former happy customers. Thanks for checking her out. $1767
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Greenhoe GC4-1Y
Greenhoe GC4-1Y .547 Symphonic Tenor Trombone in New Condition Price: $4195 I picked this trombone out personally at the 2017 ITF, and it is an amazing player. Nonetheless, it has received minimal attention this past year (approximately 30 hours of playing) as I have been focusing on jazz in multiple venues in my area on my small bore horn. Greenhoe's are very consistent, and I have no problem repurchasing a new one once I buy a new home. No dents. No blemishes. No wear. Absolutely perfect condition. Same condition as the day I bought her. Sells new for $4995. Buyer responsible for any additional fees: Paypal and shipping. (Check out 'Zelle' services with your bank. No fees and is a free service). Please feel free to ask questions. Thanks for looking! PS: Here are the specs... GC4-1Y Bell Material: Yellow Brass Bell Design: Two-piece Bell w/ Unsoldered Rim Bell Thickness: LT/M Bell Size: 8.5″ Bore Size: .547″ Main Tuning Slide: Yellow Brass Valve: Greenhoe Valve w/ Yellow Brass Tubing Valve Cap: Standard Handslide: Rose Brass Handslide Crook: Nickel Silver Leadpipe: Interchangeable (2)
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Bach LT42
Selling my first teachers horn. The bell section is a Bach Corporation 42 built in 1970. The lightweight Lt42 slide (late 70's) was obtained by my teacher in a trade. I had the slide optimized and refinished. The slide action is excellent. A wonderful old Bach. The case is original. I must sell to buy a home. I hope that this trombone will find a buyer who will enjoy and play it. Will ship to anywhere in the continental United States. I will also ship overseas. Buyer is responsible for Paypal and Shipping. $1495
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Custom Yamaha YSL-648
For Sale: Yamaha 648 Large bore tenor trombone. This one is a bit of a frankenbone. Bell section is an older 648. Conn wrap, yellow brass. Slide is lightweight nickel silver, Bach width. Apparently from the newer 648R with red brass bell and the Yamaha "semi-open" wrap. Plays well. Pretty bright with the nickle slide. Slide has good action. Recently set up by by James Baker (Custom Brass) in Birmingham, AL. Comes in a Protec ProPac case. Shires badged - no extra charge for that ;o). $900 shipped Continental USA. No International orders please. Pictures available upon request.
Contact: Mearl Danner --
For Sale: Bach LT16M
Price lowered! Good condition. Has been cleaned and slide aligned. Yellow brass bell. Comes with 2 mouthpieces: Bach 12C and and an L&M 6 1/2AL. Has wear around the hand grip areas and has lacquer wear. Serial number dates from from 1983. No dents to speak of. Case has a new leather handle. I have owned it 10 or 15 years. Expect to add shipping to most places in USA = $75 USD. Pics at Asking $650 USD + shipping. Will ship after you pay(PayPal preferred). If you decide you do not want it after you see it I will refund the purchase price (no refund on the shipping) but you would need to pay the shipping back to me. In my opinion this is a good player for the selling price.
Contact: Patricia Jamieson --
For Sale: Elkart Conn 4H
Selling an Elkart Conn 4H, built in 1947 or 1948 based on the serial number. Silver plated outside, gold plate on the inside of the bell. Extra small bore (0.484") but it can still project nicely. Great jazz horn, responsive with a crisp high register. Excellent condition for an instrument of this age; I'd give the slide 8.5/10, no wear on the stockings at all. Cosmetically: two small dings in the bell where a previous owner stored it in an ill-fitting case, minor plating wear at the top of the tuning slide and along hand grips. I'll send it along in a two-tone leather Glenn Cronkhite case and include an 11c mouthpiece if you want. I don't play this instrument nearly as much as it deserves, so hoping it can find a good home. Asking $1500 plus shipping.
Contact: Spencer --
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For Sale: Custom Bach Lt50B3OG
For sale: a custom Bach Lt50B3OG bass trombone in excellent condition. Top components: a lightweight slide previously built and owned by artist/craftsman Michael McLemore (previous to M & W Custom Trombones). The slide includes a removable Bach open lead pipe and operates flawlessly. The bell is a brand new stock Bach 50BG 9.5-inch gold brass bell - a really good one, with a quintessential Bach 50G sound. The custom valve section has been recognized as Dick Akright's artistry, with valves estimated as either late Mount Vernon or early Elkhart, with excellent compression, fast levers, and excellent response on both valves together or individually. The entire bell section is unlacquered - and has a really good feel and response. This is a really excellent bass trombone and is on par with with my Mt. Vernon 50. I am selling for $3800 + shipping and Paypal fees (or zero fees through Zelle). Note: Online this configuration with Lt slide sells for: $5269 with a list price of: $6900. Personally, given how well the valves play and the overall response of the trombone, it ranks far superior to any factory 50 that I've ever played, and it has some wonderful history to it too! Photos available upon request. PS: If you prefer I have a newish Bach 50 New York style gold brass slide that can be included in this sale for the same price. $3800 + Paypal & Shipping
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Yamaha YBL-613G
Yamaha YBL-613G bass trombone: perfect condition; serial # 201xxx; .562" bore; gold brass bell; 10" bell diameter; 2 independent rotary valves: F attachment & 2 slides for D or Eb attachment; Priced to sell @ $1500 due to limited time. Buyer pays shipping. Instrument is in Marshall, Minnesota. Email me for photos. Yamaha 58 mouthpiece; Schilke 59 mouthpiece; original hard case; Hamilton trombone stand set of 6 mutes: Denis Wick aluminum straight mute & "Extending Tube" mute; Humes & Berg cup mute & Velvetone mute; rubber plunger; black cloth "hat" mute Complete set-up for the serious bass trombonist. This outstanding instrument has been played professionally including The Lion King national tour in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Also perfect for big band jazz. website:
Contact: Ralph Hepola --
For Sale: B&S MS27 Sarastro
B&S MS27 Sarastro Bass Trombone; 9.8" rose brass bell, German-made independent valves Bb/F/Gb/D with extra shorter Gb tuning slide; adjustable triggers; nickel silver .562" slide w/ rose brass crook; three interchangeable lead pipes; German water-key; factory case; hand-made German quality; Contact me for photos.
Contact: Stephen Hoy --
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