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For Sale: Yamaha YSL-871
Yamaha YSL-871 for sale. This instrument was used professionally, but since I am retired, I no longer need it. Excellent condition. Pics available on request. $1600 including shipping to USA addresses.
Contact: ron wilson --
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For Sale: Olds Standard
Olds Standard Gold Trombone with in slide tuning made in LA in 1926. Bell Serial #4262; Slide Serial #44xx. Bore size .485/.500. 7" bell, custom engraved with 3 bears playing the trombone. In excellent condition with smooth slides. Beautiful engravings - hard to find something this nice! $2000 Will send pictures upon request.
Contact: Anne Spencer --
For Sale: Olds Self-Balancing M7 Trombone
Olds Self-balancing "It's a Bear" M7 Trombone made in LA in 1932. Bell Serial #67xx; Slide Serial #6782. Bore size.485/.500. 7" bell with bear playing trombone engraving. Excellent condition, plays well, slides in good shape, especially for its age. Not many like this! $1400 Photos available upon request.
Contact: Anne Spencer --
For Sale: Bach 36
Bach 36 Trombone in great condition. Only used for one gig! Also comes with a protec platinum gig bag. I'm moving to Asia and can't bring it with me. Asking $1300 for it. Price is negotiable!
Contact: Michael Robinson, Jr. --
For Sale: 1942 King 2B Silvertone
1942 King 2B Silvertone in excellent shape. Bruce Belot slide job (10 out of 10). Best slide of all of my horns. The Silvertones of the 1940's are the best! Big dark sound. Removable lead pipe with ring. No wear on the botton of the inner slides and no dents. It's and wonderful trombone. I am selling it because I have to many horns. I am a professional musician and the horn is well taken care of. (I am lowering the price to $1925).
Contact: Randy Aldcroft --
    Bass Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Buy: Bass Trombone
I'm looking to buy my first bass trombone and thought I would give this a whirl. I'm a casual player participating in a number of community ensembles ranging from jazz, to orchestral, brass choir, etc. Typically I play second, third, or bass but have been called upon from time to time to play first. I'm looking for a bass bone in decent shape that I can learn on and, while I would love a Shires or Edwards, I would have a difficult time justifying the cost. Looking more for the ugly duckling out there. Please contact me at if you have an instrument that may match this description and are looking to sell.
Contact: Jared Schaefer --
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