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For Sale: Bach TB-200
I'm selling a TB-200 USA Model tenor trombone. The horn is about 9 years old, bought new. There's a couple dents: one in the main tuning slide, one in the bell, both small. There's a little bit of oxidation around the bell, light wear on the slide. Otherwise, there's typical cosmetic damage(nicks, light scratches, acid wear). Plays as good as day one, valve is a litte noisy but still functions properly. Comes with a hard case, but new case might be recommended. Main handle on the case has broken a few times, shoulder strap still sturdy.
Contact: Michael J. --
For Sale: Shires Michael Davis Prototype
Shires Micheal Davis prototype for sale I'm a shires employee and this is/was my first Shires. I bought it back in 2011 after having played it constantly for weeks before biting the bullet and making it my own. But since then I've purchased other horns and using this one has gone by the wayside. The bell section is a Mike Davis with no engraving (it can be engraved prior to sale if requested). It comes with a 1.5 tuning slide. The handslide a dual bore T85/95 (.485-.495) nickel light weight slide with an actual King slide crook and the Mike Davis grip, though the sockets are smaller than the current Mike Davis models. I believe this slide was the last prototype they made before it turned into it's current iteration of a straight T95 with a Shires C shaped crook. It comes with 5 leadpipes: 1, 2, 3, a 3 gold brass, and a 2 nickel. This horn is completely unlacquered and has some tarnish and wear. There are a couple dings in the bell flare, a ridge on the bell where the flare seam meets the stem and some dings on the handslide crook where it has hit the music stand a few times. But don't let that put you off, this horn is a player. And play it does. The slide has been serviced recently and is in perfect working order. I often refer to it as a King 2(as-it-should)B since I did own at one point a new 2B and a 60's 2B liberty and it plays better than both by far. It's quite a fun horn. It begs to be played fast and it blows more open and freely than you'd think a horn of this bore size should. I would love to sell this to a loving home with someone who will play the hell out of it like it deserves. Asking $1500 plus shipping or come pick it up if you live in the Massachusetts area. Does not come with a case or mouthpiece. Pictures available on request.
Contact: Neil C. --
For Sale: Yamaha YSL-844
I'm selling a YSL-844 Yamaha Japan Custom Tenor Trombone. I bought this horn about 8 years ago, but quickly switched to bass right after, so this horn hasn't seen much playing time in my hands. It's right around 30 years old, been re-lacquered a few times, not during my time with it. Dents around the end of the slide, one on the bell, one on the main tuning slide, some scrathces along the valve tuning slide. Slide is in great condition, horn plays fantastically! Comes with red leather case, gold trim. Bell has a decent dent in it, caused by a bad idea to lend it to a student of mine...message for quetions/photos.
Contact: Michael J. --
For Sale: Getzen 3047AF
Getzen 3047AF - Great condition!!! The slide has been worked on by the Slide Dr. and also received a full professional cleaning this past summer. Asking $2500 or best offer. Pics here:
Contact: Luke --
For Sale: King 2B Silvertone
Lovely 1936 King 2B Silvertone in very good condition with slight dents or wear,Horn plays as good as day one! Comes with case price is 1800 plus shipping
Contact: Cox T --
For Sale: Bach 42/Greenhoe
90s vintage Bach 42 with a Greenhoe Valve and reversed main tuning slide. Plenty of lacquer wear, several scars on the bell where dents were removed, and one ding in tubing of the valve section (nowhere near the rotor). Plays fantastic, warm and resonant throughout all registers. The Slide was recently serviced by Merlin Grady and is smooth and quick. This horn has served me well in multiple national orchestral auditions. I have a brand new soft Protect case I can included as well as the Greenhoe clear lexan cap and Allen key. I can also include an almost brand new Schilke copy of a Bach MV 3G mouthpiece. $4000 or best offer, buyer pays shipping.
Contact: Casey --
For Sale: King 3B
King 3B in mint condition with one cosmetic grips. Comes with case, mouthpiece (King 7C) and leather grips.
Contact: Caylyn Newcomb --
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For Sale: Conn 62HI
I'm selling a Conn 62HI Bass Trombone. Oxidation around the bell, small dent in the bell, small dent in main tuning slide, small scratches, nicks, and acid wear over the horn in general. This horn was used heavily for about 4 years. Slide and valves function very well. Horn plays as good as day one! Comes with woodshell case. Top handle of case fell apart rather quickly (I blame bad construction). The handle is intact but the leather grip fell apart. All offers accepted, message for photos and questions.
Contact: Michael J. --
For Sale: Bach 50B/Greenhoe
Late 70s Bach 50B Greenhoe Great playing condition. Lacquer wear consistent with a 70s era horn. Greenhoe Thumbrest Warm sound. Can ship. Can include Walt Johnson case at additional cost.
Contact: William Baker --
For Sale: Custom Holton Bass Trombone
Holton Single Valve Bass Trombone. This is a Tr183 Bass trombone a 10 inch Tr180 Bell. All parts are from the Early 70's. Comes with a Holton Case. It is set up for interchangeable press fit leadpipes and comes with 2 Conn pipes a Conn D and a Custom Open and short pipe.$1000.00 John McKevitt Atlanta GA 561 459 9476
Contact: John McKevitt --
For Sale: Yamaha YBL-830
For sale: Yamaha YBL-830 Bass Trombone Mint condition. Asking $3200. Email for pics.
Contact: Mike --
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For Sale: New York Bach Bass Trumpet
New York Bach Bass Trumpet (B-flat, 3 piston valve) serial number 7050 (made in 1940). Formerly owned by William Gibson, principal trombonist, Boston Symphony (1955-1975). Offered for sale by Douglas Yeo, bass trombonist, Boston Symphony (1985-2012). Full details, terms and photos may be found by clicking this link:
Contact: Douglas Yeo --

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