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    Alto Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Buy: Alto Trombone
I just started work on my master's degree in Arizona and am looking for an alto trombone to learn on. I do not care what the brand is, I'm more focused on the price right now ($500 - $600), with a properly functioning slide and with very little dents in it.
Contact: Adam --
    Alto Trombones - For Sale
    Tenor Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
    Tenor Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Custom Bach 42
I´m currently selling a Bach 42. The trombone was modified and customized by Noah Gladstone, owner of the BrassArk in Los Angeles. The horn was completely overhauled. It was also transformed from a close to an open wrap with Larry Minick style tubing for the F trigger. The bell was also annealed and relaquered. The leadpipe was removed and is now interchangeable. The slide was align and works really well. The trombone has great response and a big and consistent sound. Asking for $2900 (case and shipping included). Please email me for pictures and more details.
Contact: Adrián Nájera-Coto --
For Sale: Shires Tenor Trombone
Shires .500 trombone I am selling a Shires small bore trombone. The bell is a 1YM 8", the slide is a T00NLW (.500 nickle lightweight slide), and it has the standard tuning slide. Comes with three leadpipes, a 1 2 and 3. The horn was built around 2002, and I have been the only owner. I'm asking $1850, the buyer pays shipping and insurance.
Contact: Jeffrey Grubin --
For Sale: Shires Tenor Trombone
Shires Trombone. TW47G slide, 2RVET7 Bell and Thayer valve. This is a well used instrument, obvious wear around the slide where the hand is always in contact with the lacquer. Bell was damaged by an airline in 2009, it has been repaired and works great. Comes with a Cronkite gig bag. $2500CAD plus shipping. $2800CAD with a Bonna case.
Contact: Michael Tutton --
For Sale: Bach 16
Bach 16. $950 OBO. Unlacquered but polished horn with a great sound and decent slide. I originally bought this horn for combo gigs but have used it for baroque as well. This horn was hand picked after playing over 30 at Dillon's. Contact me for more info or pictures.
Contact: Garrett --
For Sale: New York Bach 16
NY Bach Stradivarius Model 16 trombone for sale. 7 inch gold brass bell, gold brass outer tubes, yellow brass crook + original case. In near mint, pristine condition. This is one fab horn. Had her beautifully refinished by a Greenhoe tech for preservation. Not an ounce of tension in the blow. Amazing lead horn. The gold brass parts bring warmth and balance to the spit fire 7 inch bell. A real beauty! Make me an offer I can't refuse. Thinning the herd. Email for pics. (Also willing to trade for Mt. Vernon 42B). Thanks!
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Conn 48H
I have a Conn 48H trombone and matching case in near mint condition. I have owned and played this great trombone for about 1.5 years. Absolutely no problems with horn or case. Pictures provided on request. This fine instrument can be had for $1050 plus insured shipping. I will consider reasonable offers.
Contact: Mark --
For Sale: Conn 6H
Conn 6H for sale. comes with original case and protec gig bag. text or call for more info (704)728-5793
Contact: Jesse --
For Sale: Elkhart Conn 8H
Elkhart Conn 8H for sale. $2099 Thinning the herd. Pics available upon request.
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Custom Conn 8H/88H
Conn 8H/88H custom/convertible trombone. This is a modern 8H with customized f-valve section, in new-like Conn 89H case (essentially a Conn 89H - but better in my opinion). This trombone began as an awesome 8H, made interchangeable with a Conn valve section, thus, a convertible instrument. Mint condition. Hand assembled. Super response. Great player. Perfect for an overseas musician who doesn't want to purchase two instruments, and pay for all that shipping and customs. A great 2 in 1 value. Will ship anywhere in the world.
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: King 3B Concert
King 3B Concert with F attachment. $850 OBO. This is a rare and great horn. It looks rough from decades of use but sounds great. Nickel slide is in surprisingly good shape, string trigger linkage was replaced with a plastic bar, does not look great but works very well. I love this horn and have used it in several big bands. Email me with interest and I'll send along some pictures.
Contact: Garrett --
For Sale: Courtois AC 420-BR
Courtois Legend AC 420-BR Serial #41XXX This B flat trombone is barely used. Purchased in 2011. Beautiful homogenous sound. Professional instrument. No dings or dents. Two cases and a stand available. Asking $2400 for all. Link to photos.
Contact: Val C --
For Sale: Getzen 3047AF
I am selling my Getzen 3047AF trigger trombone. It's a beautiful instrument and is in very good condition. I have had it for about 6 years, although I never play it and do not have plans to start in the future. The slide has no problems and never did (never dinged, not once; never needed repair of any type because I took such good care of the instrument). I am including additional two lead pipes. The only blemishes are on the bell. Information from the manufacturer: Large Bore Tenor Trombone Bore Size: .547" (with three interchangeable leadpipes) Tuning Slide: Yellow brass bow Handslide: Hand straightened nickel silver inside tubes (chrome plated with barrel shaped stockings) Yellow brass outside tubes with nickel silver end crook and oversleeves Bell: 8 ½", 22 gauge yellow brass with soldered rim Valve: Open wrap F attachment Axial flow valve 3047AF OptionsBright Silver Plate Hand Engraving All Getzen Custom Series Trombones are based on the best designs from the Getzen ProShop.
Contact: Stephen Cervantes --
For Sale: Olds S-15 Super
Olds S-15 Super for sale. Beautiful horn. Fluted slide is in great condition. Some lacquer remaining on bell throat and flare. Original accessories: case, Olds 3 mouthpiece and lyre. Serial #35*** puts manufacture date late 1948 at the Los Angeles facility. Asking $625 OBO. E-mail for more information or pictures.
Contact: Cliffton Walker --
For Sale: Olds R-15 Recording
Up for sale is a well-cared for Olds R-15 Recording trombone. Its features include 8-inch rose-brass bell and neck and hand grip bracing trim. Dual bore main outer slide is nickel-silver with a chrome-plated nickel-silver inner slide. Though there are a few hairline scratches and some contact wear on hand grip areas, the horn is damage-free and no evidence of previous repairs. Both main and tuning slides operate smoothly and, yes, the inner slide has the octagonal "fluted" slides, making for ultra-fast operation. The serial number of 180xxx places the manufacture window somewhere between late 1955 and early 1956. Accompanying the trombone is the original care pamphlet and certificate of guarantee with the matching serial number. The original case (not a coffin-type) is in great condition too; no damage to either exterior or interior felt (still very plush) All securing hardware functions as designed and securing latch has plenty of spring reflexiveness. The case interior does not emit any annoying odors. No mouthpiece is included. Photos on request. Just email me and you'll receive per your request. Asking $900 OBO. Not many Recordings in as good condition with case and original papers. Payment can be PayPal (to confirmed addresses only), USPS money order or cashiers check.
Contact: Mark --
For Sale: Yamaha YSL-695
Yamaha tenor trombone model 695 this horn is excellent condition like new bore size 500 bell diameter 7 1/2 inch yellow brass 3 lead pipe this model was use back in the 90 by JJ is a little bigger the king 2B bore size great horn for jazz or salsa .price is 1000 plus shipping .picture will be send to any one interested
Contact: german --
For Sale: Custom Bach 42
Up for sale is a custom Bach 42 tenor trombone. Horn has a removable gold brass bell with custom bell braces. Also has a Thayer valve, standard slide and a saturn water key. Slide is about a 7.5/10. Horn hasn't been played in over 2 years. Asking $2000. Pictures sent on request. Shipping within the US only. No trades.
Contact: Douglas Campbell --
For Sale: Edwards T-396A
Selling an Edwards T-396A. Lacquer has been taken off the bell. In great shape and plays beautifully. Very consistent sound throughout all registers. Asking $3800 or possible trade. Email with any questions.
Contact: Lee --
For Sale: Olds Self-Balancing Model
Olds Self-Balancing model. Stamped LM 88XX. (late 1930s). Interesting horn: yellow brass outer slide tubes, red brass gooseneck and tuning slide, 7 inch gold brass bell. Fluted inner slide tubes. Plays with dark, fat tone. Slide is excellent, ready to play right out of the case. Pics available. Choice of original Olds coffin case or new SKB hard case. Asking $350/make an offer.
Contact: Bob Andersen --
For Sale: Reynolds Trombone
F. A. Reynolds tenor trombone Serial #189XX, (1946-7). Made when Mr. Reynolds still owned the company and the horns are outstanding quality. This one has a 7.5 inch bell and is a straight .500 bore. The slide is excellent and there are no dings/dents anywhere on the horn. Original case included. Pics available. Asking $350/make an offer.
Contact: Bob Andersen --
For Sale: Mt. Vernon Bach 16
Mt. Vernon Bach 16 for sale. The case is in mint condition, and to be seen to be believed. The horn is in fabulous condition, purchased from a 93 year old man who was the original owner. She always had great projection, but a rebuild of the main tuning slide a la Greenhoe optimization, and relacquer of everything but the bell, turned this beauty into something else! Hate to sell, but have to pay the bills.
Contact: Randall Ruback --
    Bass Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
    Bass Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Shires Bass Trombone
Shires Bass trombone with independent axials. Horn was purchased just this past summer in July, traded bell out for like new bell. Current bell is the BII 1Y. Slide is B62.78L(dual bore). Leadpipe is B2L. Gold B tuning slide. Brand new this horn is 5945, I'm asking 5000. I'll also trade for a nice Bach with thayers, preferably with gold bell.
Contact: Daren Ellison --
For Sale: Elkhart Conn 72H
Elkhart Conn 72H trombone in silver-plate, with original and second (both interchangeable) Conn 'B' standard bass trombone lead pipe in lovely/excellent condition. Super resonant response, with a tone you come to expect from an Elky. Slide has been optimized and works like a dream. Thinning the herd. Will ship to anywhere in the world. $2299
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Conn 73H
Conn 73H in pristine condition. F and D tuning slides. Customized linkages. Pics available upon request.
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Getzen 3062AFR
Getzen Custom 3062AFR with 9.5" rose red bell. valves in excelent condition. all tuning slides and everything moves smoothly. Original paperwork included from the factory. Comes in original hard case and willing to offer other accessories I have (protec soft casem, cup and strait mute, and a couple hundred dollars worth of music). Call or message me for the price. (704)728-5793
Contact: Jesse --
For Sale: Holton TR-180
Holton bass trombone model TR180 excellent condition circa 1975 this horn is a time capsule find is all original price is 2500 plus shipping
Contact: german --
For Sale: Edwards Bass Trombone
Up for sale is an Edwards Bass Trombone. It has dependent valves, 10" raw Rose bell, and a nickel .562" slide. Slide is about an 8.5 out of 10. Horn has not been played in over a year. Asking $2800. Pictures sent on request. I cannot sell individual parts or take trades. I am only selling the complete horn as is. Shipping to the US only.
Contact: Douglas Campbell --
For Sale: Getzen 3062AFR
Selling a Getzen 3062 AFR. I bought the horn new 4 years ago and am now just looking to move to something different. Slide is smooth and the valves are quick. Located in Evanston, IL. Call or email for price and pictures. (503)-896-6247
Contact: Sam Stewart --
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