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    Alto Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Buy: Conn 34H
Want to buy a Conn 34H
Contact: Gary Hellick --
    Alto Trombones - For Sale
    Tenor Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
    Tenor Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Bach 42AF
Nearly new Bach 42AF (Infinity Valve). Selected at the Bach plant in Elkhart on June 27, 2016. Near-mint condition (no mute ever inserted). No dings. One minor instance of acid bleed on the bell bead. 5 eyelash-sized scratches on the upper bell stem where my wedding ring came in contact when assembling instrument. They are so small that I cannot photo-capture them. No wear anywhere. I can email a pic of the acid bleed. Very small, just full disclosure. Description from the Bach site: ======== Bach "Stradivarius" - .547" large bore, 8-1/2" one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell, open wrap F attachment with the new Infinity axial flow valve, yellow brass outer slide, clear lacquer finish, Bach 6-1/2A mouthpiece, C1867A woodshell case. ======== All yellow brass. Standard slide. Soldered leadpipe. Includes (new style) case never used and 6 1/2A mouthpiece, never opened. The best specimen of this horn that I have played. Mail-order-roulette new price is $3,869. This example, hand-picked is now lowered to $3,000 plus shipping. Save $800. Will try here once more before going to eBay.
Contact: Peter Ellefson --
For Sale: Shires Tenor Trombone
For Sale: Shires Tenor Trombone Here are the components: bell is a gold brass 7GLW, slide, light weight nickel-silver TW47NLW, tuning slide is the standard yellow brass, f-attachment is the new Duo-bore model. Included are two Shires sterling silver leadpipes, a #1-1/2 and a #2. The horn will come in a Bam case; and also includes new Griego Oft and Wedge 4..5 mouthpieces. All these components are as new. $4500 Plus shipping.
Contact: Don Rose --
For Sale: Bach 42T
Bach Stradivarius 42T. This was my workhorse trombone when I was in college (University of South Carolina) 12-15 years ago. The trombone works well and sounds great, but looks like a used instrument due to the finish wearing off in some places. Asking $1500. Includes original hard case and Shilke 51 gold mouthpiece.
Contact: Jason Flores --
For Sale: Edwards Tenor Trombone
I have a small bore Edwards trombone, says 26 and by Getzen. The slide has.525 DB. It has a Getzen hard case, Thayer and a straight bar to replace the valve. Has 2 extra bores. Has a few small dents in the bell, slide works well and I think the valve is stuffy. Had Tulsa Band look at it and they said it lines up correctly. Contacted Edwards and they said it needs to be recalibrated.
Contact: Jim Pearce --
For Sale: King 2B Silvertone
King 2B Silvertone 1942 In excellent shape with slide job by Bruce Belot. No dents and looks and plays great. Pictures available. It has a removable leadpipe made at the Rath factory easily changed to an older one piece King pipe. I will come in with a newer King case I am selling it as I have other King trombones and it doesn't get played enough to keep. I would like $1800 for it plus postage and handling.
Contact: Randy Aldcroft --
    Bass Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
    Bass Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Shires Custom Bass Trombone
For Sale Shires Custom Bass Trombone Shires Double Rotor (Stacked F & D).Bell is a Medium Weight Gold to Yellow. Tuning slide is Gold. Hand Slide is a B 62. COMES WITH three lead pipes 1) B1.5L 2) B1.5 3)B1, Sheridan Brass "Get a Grip", custom Sheridan Brass case, a Jo Ral mute, Jo Ral cup mute. soft tone mute plus a custom case to carry it all. Also included is a Doug Elliott mouthpiece with an M 8 shank,LBL cup,LB 111 & LB113 rims. This horn is a little over one year old and I am asking $5700.00 plus freight. However I will listen to reasonable offers. pictures available on request.
Contact: Donald Hildie --
For Sale: Yamaha YBL-421G
Yamaha YBL-421G Bass Trombone. Single F-rotor, .563 bore, Gold brass bell. Beautiful horn in perfect, like new shape. This horn looks and plays amazing. $1500/ free domestic shipping to lower 48. For full description check out:
Contact me for photos if interested.
Contact: Wayne Jordheim --
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