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For Sale: Conn 36H
I have a Conn 36H in absolutely pristine condition for sale. There is absolutely NO lacquer wear, slide is perfect, no dings, dents, not even a scuff on the case. I bought it, learned how to play it and it's just sitting around because most of my gigs are on tenor and bass. Asking $1750 OBO. At the list price, I'll pay shipping. Only selling to upgrade one of my other horns. If you are wanting an professional level alto at a great price in like new condition, this is it. I am not posting pics because I wouldn't do it justice. It looks as good as pics of new horns on any web page. Full refund if my condition is misrepresented (less shipping)
Contact: Jim Meyer --
For Sale: Yamaha Alto Trombone
I bought this horn 3-4 years ago from Yamaha. It is literally brand new minus one small scuff on the end crook. No Lacquer wear. It has a trill valve (lowering it a half step, a whole step crook can be bought) custom tigers eye maple thumb rest and leather guard to keep the bell section screw from scratching. I have also put on Leatherspecialties hand grips. I have taken very good care of it and have fully cleaned it at east every three months for its whole life (slide weekly). An alignment job and an ultrasonic clean was done last year. Horn plays very clear and crisp. All yellow brass so sound is very consistent at all volumes. Slide is 10/10. Valve is also 10/10 very fast and quick rebound. slide, bell, and tuning slide have no dents. I am asking $2600 + Shipping. No Trades Look at my ad:,87990.0.html
Contact: Antonio Patrick --
    Tenor Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Buy: Minick/Conn 100H
Larry Minick Conn 100H.
Contact: Colter Weatherholtz --
    Tenor Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Conn 24H
Conn 24H made in 1935 serial #305XXX recently overhauled by Kanstul Music. I had a smaller hand brace made for it. The counterweight is not original. A huge sound for it's size and a great player. The slide is a 9 out of 10. Check out pictures of it on E-Bay. I have been a professional musician for over 55 years. This instrument is an excellent one! I might consider a trade. You pay the the shipping,
Contact: Randy Aldcroft --
For Sale: Conn 88H-O CL
Conn 88H-O CL Comes with a Hard Shell Case,three lead pipes and a gold plated Christian Lindberg mouthpiece.Slide is fantastic, Horn over all is in excellent shape.
Contact: Donald Hildie --
For Sale: Bach 42 Artisan/LaRosa Model
Bach 42 Artisan (LaRosa model) trombone. In mint/perfect condition. Like new. I have several options to sell with this horn. But 1st I prefer to sell one complete horn. I can sell the rest later. From this complete Bach 42B LaRosa model I have the following available. 2 bell Flares. One standard yellow brass bell and one lightweight gold brass bell. I have one standrd yellow brass .547 bore slide with a removeable stock Bach 42 leadpipe.(Slide work done by Eric Edwards.)Also, I have one lightweight Nickel-silver .562 slide. ( Leadpipe is soldered on this one.) I have one LaRosa rotor valve F section, And ... I have 2 main tuning slides. One yellow brass and one gold brass. I will ship the complete horn or part By UPS, C.O.D. only (No PayPal) to the contiguous lower 48 US. states. Sorry for the mix-up on all that. My new prices are Complete Bach LaRosa 42B with case- $3300.00 Extra bell flare (No case.) - $600,00 Extra Handslide (No case.) - $600.00 Extra tuning slide (No case)- $285.00 All parts are in mint/perfect condition For whatever horn/part/parts you by, once you've recieced the horn/part, I will give you 7 days to try it. If at that point you want to return it, you do so at your cost. When I recieve the horn/part in the same perfect condition, I will send you back your money.
Contact: A. Mike Brown --
For Sale: Yamaha YSL-8820R
Yamaha YSL-882OR Great horn. i am the second owner and have had it for 5 months now. Smooth slide and great trigger action. A few cosmetic issues (2 scratches on flare, tiny nick on f att tube). no wear or dents on slide. comes with original case and counterweight(counterweight missing one screw, which came like that to me). Selling for $2100 obo
Contact: Alejandro --
For Sale: Rath R4F
Rath R4F with Hagmann valve for sale. Wide, Bach-style slide with nickel crook and yellow brass tubes. Slide action is 10/10. Bell is 8.5" rose brass with no engraving. Includes both heavy and regular weight Hagmann valve caps. No major dents/dings, just some lacquer loss at contact points. Horn is non-modular, and plays like an absolute dream. Includes BAM case. $3200 OBO. Buyer covers PayPal fees and FedEx ground shipping.
Contact: Tyler Gregory --
For Sale: Yamaha YSL-356R
Yamaha Intermediate Tenor Trombone w/ Trigger, Model YSL-356R (with Hard Case) good condition located in Monroe Township New Jersey $450. can text you or email you a picture
Contact: Bob --
    Bass Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Buy: Shires or Edwards Bass Trombone
Looking for a used Shires or Edwards dual trigger for my son. He now plays a Conn 112H.
Contact: David Rose --
    Bass Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Getzen 3062AFR
Getzen 3062AFR for sale. Horn is in great shape. Very small ding in the bell and one in the first tuning slide. Minimal tarnish around the valves from skin contact. Slide in great shape. Contact me for more information.
Contact: Jesse --
For Sale: Edwards Bass Trombone
- Serial #590209 (February 9, 1995) - Dual Bore Slide - Rose Brass Tuning Slide - 9.5" Gold Brass Bell (1311) Gold Brass and 10.5" Yellow Brass Bell (1809 CF) - Dual Orlo Thayer valves (Replaced Edwards Valve Section) - B3 Silver Leadpipe - Leather Gig Bag - K&M Wood Stand - Jo-Ral Bass Trombone Bucket Mute - Jo-Ral Bass Trombone Wah Mute with Stem This is in great condition for its age. I had the Orlo Thayer valves professionally installed. Because of the design difference, the spring is re-routed to give the smoothest and best tension on the return for quick valve action. Great instrument. I no longer play and have another career. I'm not really interested in parting this out. I don't have the time to deal with that and just want to sell it. $3800 plus shipping. If you have an decent offer, feel free to contact me. If you would like to purchase via credit card, I have an option for that. Images:
Contact: Benjamin Brown --
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