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Want to Buy: Tenor Trombone
In search of a good tenor trombone do my son. He currently has regular trombone I suppose and is needing to upgrade. Unable to afford thousands so looking for a good used one.
Contact: Judy Alexander --
    Tenor Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: 1933 Conn 80H Special New Symphony
Price reduced! 1933 Conn factory-made custom 80H Special New Symphony tenor trombone with f-attachment. It has the original lacquer and is in very good condition. Very few of these were made, and this one was owned by New York trombonist Vincent Clarke when he was performing with Toscanini's NBC Symphony of the Air, the Radio City Music Hall orchestra, etc. The slide is marked 78H and the bell section is marked 80 H SPEC. The bell section is likely a combination of a 78H bell section (for bell tuning slide instead TIS) and an 80H bell section (for the F attachment). Originally it didn't have a slide lock, but it has been refitted with 88H-style spring barrels and an interchangeable leadpipe. Comes with Bach 42 case. Asking $1,500. obo. Please call 651-983-0865 for addiitional information or to request photos.
Contact: Tom Ashworth --
For Sale: King 2B
Price reduced! 1964 King 2B tenor trombone. One owner, stored for years and in near mint condition. Plays like a great 2B should, and includes the original Gladstone alligator square case. Wonderful lead, solo and trad jazz horn, and also perfect for an authentic (and easier) sound on classical solos by Arthur Pryor, Jean-Michel Defaye, Carl Vine, etc. Asking $1,200. obo. Please call 651-983-0865 for additional info or to request photos.
Contact: Tom Ashworth --
For Sale: Elkhart Conn 8H Trombone
1958 Elkhart Conn 8H Trombone in Excellent Condition $1767 Snohomish, WA This is a 1958 Elkhart Conn 8H in excellent condition. As was standard during this period, there is no slide lock, although it is quite easy to lock the slide using a woman's hair band, and I will include one with this sale. This is a wonderful playing instrument with the classic 8H sound. It sounds phenomenal in an orchestra. There is some plating loss on the inner tubes. The slide action is an 8 out of 10. Am selling 'as is', the next owner modifying or tweaking as they shall choose. Reason for selling - buying a house and must thin the herd. Please feel free to ask questions. Buyer is responsible for all Paypal and shipping fees. Will ship to Europe where I have many former happy customers. Thanks for checking her out. PS: For an added $200, I will include a rare custom Mt. Vernon 4 mouthpiece with a Conn Remington shank. The duo, trombone and Mt. Vernon 4 are pretty awesome! $1767 Photos available upon request..
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: New York Bach 16
New York Bach 16 1951 New York Bach 16 Trombone in near Mint Condition 1951 New York Bach Stradivarius Model 16 in near mint/beautiful condition. Duo Bore slide (0.495/0.510″) with gold brass 7 inch bell. Serial #: 3612. Includes gold brass outer slide tubes, yellow brass crook. Slide tubes replaced, original lead pipe retained. Excellent slide action. Beautifully refinished by Brian Russell. 99% lacquer. Plays exceptionally well. The 7 inch bell lends point & focus to the warmth of the gold brass flare and gold brass outer slide tubes. Does not play small - at all. Very much the creamy rich & beautiful Bill Watrous Bach 16 sound. Original case. Will ship to selected countries. $2295 Paypal and shipping to be included. Photos available upon request..
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Bach LT42
1970 Bach Corporation 42 Bell with 1977 Lightweight Slide This is a bell and slide combination. Selling my first teachers horn. This Bach Corporation bell was purchased at the same time as his Bach 50B (also up for sale, circa 1970), so it is fair to say that the bell is at least a 1970 or earlier. In 1993 he acquired the Lt (lightweight) slide in a trade. It's an excellent playing slide and works well with the bell. I had the slide optimized and refinished. The slide action is excellent. The case is original. $1495. I hope that this trombone will find a buyer who will enjoy and play it. Will ship to anywhere in the continental United States. Buyer is responsible for Paypal and Shipping. Photos available upon request.
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Greenhoe GC4-1
Greenhoe GC4-1 Price: $3995. I picked this trombone out personally at the 2017 ITF, and it is an amazing player. Nonetheless, it has received minimal attention this past year (approximately 30 hours of playing) as I have been focusing on jazz in multiple venues in my area on my small bore horn. Greenhoe's are very consistent, and I have no problem repurchasing a new one once I buy a new home. No dents. No blemishes. No wear. Absolutely perfect condition. Same condition as the day I bought her. Sells new for $4995. Will ship to anywhere in the continental U.S.A. and overseas. Please feel free to ask questions. Photos available upon request. Thanks for looking! PS: Here are the specs... GC4-1Y Bell Material: Yellow Brass Bell Design: Two-piece Bell w/ Unsoldered Rim Bell Thickness: LT/M Bell Size: 8.5" Bore Size: .547" Main Tuning Slide: Yellow Brass Valve: Greenhoe Valve w/ Yellow Brass Tubing Valve Cap: Standard Handslide: Rose Brass Handslide Crook: Nickel Silver Leadpipe: Interchangeable (2)
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Bach 42
I'm selling an Elkhart Vincent Bach 42 Strad trombone (Straight horn, no valve). The serial number is 53xxx. Guessing it was built in either 1981 or 1982. The horn is in great condition and was taken care of by previous owner. There was a dent in the bell flare that was completely buffed out. Both slides are free moving. This horn plays very well and has great resonance. Definitely one of the good Bach bells. Looking for $1400 or best offer. If you have any questions or want pictures, send me an email. Buyer pays for shipping.
Contact: Adam Rainey --
For Sale: Custom Conn 88H
Conn 88HT Symphony custom tenor trombone for sale. The bell is a new 88HT bell flare mated with a modern 88H valve section (excellent tight compression), with mint 88H slide that was fitted with new inner tubes. Sells new for: $2679. I am selling for $1995. The bell is without lacquer. The valve section has 95% lacquer, and the hand slide has 99.9% lacquer. She plays great! I find this instrument infectious, because I want to pick her up and play! Case not included. Paypal fees and shipping not included. Ask about Zelle at your bank, because you can safely transact money with zero fees. Photos and further information available upon request.
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Greenhoe Bach 42
Greenhoe Bach 42 for sale. It's an 1986/87 vintage previously owned by a major symphony player. Horn plays extremely well, even and a warm, rich sound, even for a Bach. Easy high register (above C/D) and low responds well. It's an excellent Greenhoe Bach 42 horn, yellow bell, standard slide, and I have owned a number of them. The bell has been re-lacquered, baked on professionally. Comes with a standard Bach case, custom fit gooseneck, Greenhoe connectors, etc. Slide is 9.5 and lacquer is near perfect. Please contact me with questions. You will be extremely happy to get this great instrument. It's my backup instrument and I do not use it enough to keep. Buyer pays shipping cost and PayPal fees. Photos available upon request. $4250.00
Contact: Todd Schendel --
For Sale: Bach 42B
I am selling my Bach 42b Corporation. As you can see from the pics it is unlaquered. Great sounding horn, slide is great, valve is great. If you are a fan of this classic Bach sound, this one is definitely for you! Here are the pics:
Looking for 2000 USD
Contact: Giorgi --
For Sale: Conn 88H/Greenhoe
Original Conn 88H with Greenhoe. Immaculate condition. Best offer - email for pictures or questions. Will consider selling as separate components.
Contact: Adam --
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    Bass Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Custom Shires Tenor Trombone
This is a fantastic horn!! It's the standard Shires Bach style bell flair, BII. All nickel silver slide, with their standard nickel silver slide bow. It's got their standard tuning slide. Valves are the Shires Thayer valves -silver plated, they have actual Brass tubes through the valves (oh yeah, it makes a difference! ) not like Bach on this horn, which is just one piece aluminum with a titanium coating. More info on the Shires website if you want. The previous owner said that it has the best slide action of any Bass slide he ever played. I would agree. Notes slot really really well! It was tweaked for Gabe Langford. UPDATE - I recently spoke with Mike Corrigan of BAC instruments who worked for Shires in 2001 when this horn was made. He believes he worked on this horn based on the Serial Number and confirmed that there has been custom work done on it so it is a bit more "tricked out". Mike made my new custom BAC horn which is why I am selling this one..
Contact: Eric Dregne --
For Sale: Custom Bach LT50B3OG
I am selling a custom style Bach Lt50B3OG bass trombone. The lightweight slide was previously the personal custom slide owned by artist/craftsman Michael McLemore (before M & W Trombones was founded). It comes with a removable Bach open lead pipe and plays ... like a dream. The bell is a brand new Bach 50BG 9.5-inch gold brass bell - and a really excellent one too! The custom valve section has been appraised as a Dick Akright, with valves estimated as either late Mount Vernon or early Elkhart, with excellent compression and a beautiful center. The bell section and valves are unlacquered - and feels great to play. All together this is a fabulous bass trombone combo that I'd like to keep, were I not holding on to my Mt. Vernon for sentimental reasons and hoping to buy a house. But I would easily keep this as my main horn and in no way be compromising! I am selling for $3800 + shipping and Paypal fees (or zero fees through Zelle). Note: Online this configuration with Lt slide sells for: $5269 and the ist price: $6900, so you are getting a hand assembled custom slide and valve section with Mt. Vernon valve parts and brand new great sounding gold brass 50 bell for a considerable savings off the list price. Photos available upon request.
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Edwards Bass Trombone
Edwards by Getzen Axial Flow Valve Bass Trombone Plays beautifully! Some cosmetic issues, burnt lacquer at slide ferrules, some lacquer wear, mild dents. Recently replaced slide crook. Includes the horn, hard case, leather gig bag, 1 extra leadpipe, and an extra rose brass main tuning slide. I hate to part with this horn, but I need to let one of them go, and this isn't the horn for me. Custom horn from the mid 90's. Asking $5000 OBO Email to talk cost.
Contact: Vincent Giaconia --
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