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For Sale: Conn 36H
Conn 36H alto trombone in great shape. This horn was purchased in the late 90's and has had one owner. The instrument is in the key of E-flat with a rotary B-flat attachment, dual bore slide (.491/.500) with a 7-inch yellow brass bell. There is some lacquer wear at the contact points (Which can be seen in the photos), a small, round dent in the B-flat tuning slide, as well as a repair mark from a main tuning slide dent that was removed. The slide works very well and has no history of dents/repairs. Comes with black hard-shell case. Selling only because I am moving to a smaller bore alto. This horn plays wonderfully, with a light, consistently beautiful sound. Asking $1,500 plus shipping. US shipping only. Photos available at
Contact: Joseph F. --
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For Sale: Getzen 3047AF
Getzen 3047AF Custom Series F Attachment Trombone Lacquer Yellow Brass Bell Practically Brand-New Condition save for one small blemish on the outer slide several inches below the second slide brace. Large (.547") Bore Size, 3 Lead Pipes included. 8.5" Yellow Brass Bell Plays Wonderfully with a consistently beautiful sound, I simply do more Bass Trombone gigs and can justify selling this horn out of lack-of-use. Will include iconic Getzen hard leather case and Griego CS5 mouthpiece. Due to overall condition, asking $3000, open to offers.
Contact: Paul-Michael Martin --
For Sale: Shires Michael Davis Prototype
Shires Micheal Davis prototype for sale I'm a shires employee and this is/was my first Shires. I bought it back in 2011 after having played it constantly for weeks before biting the bullet and making it my own. But since then I've purchased other horns and using this one has gone by the wayside. The bell section is a Mike Davis with no engraving. It comes with a 1.5 tuning slide. The handslide is where the prototype comes in. It's a dual bore T85/95 (.485-.495 bore) nickel light weight slide with an actual King slide crook and the Mike Davis grip, though the sockets are smaller than the current Mike Davis models. I believe this slide was the last prototype they made before it turned into it's current iteration of a straight T95 with a Shires C shaped crook. It comes with 5 leadpipes: 1, 2, 3, a 3 gold brass, and a 2 nickel. This horn is completely unlacquered and has some tarnish and wear. There are a couple dings in the bell flare, a ridge on the bell where the flare seam meets the stem and some dings on the handslide crook where it has hit the music stand a few times. But don't let that put you off, this horn is a player. And play it does. The slide has been serviced recently and works better now than it did when I originally bought it. I often refer to it as a King 2(as-it-should)B since I did own at one point a new 2B and a 60's 2B liberty and it plays better than both by far. It's quite a fun horn. It begs to be played fast and it blows more open and freely than you'd think a horn of this bore size should. I would love to sell this to a loving home with someone who will play the hell out of it like it deserves. Asking $1950 plus shipping or come pick it up if you live in the Massachusetts area. Does not come with a case or mouthpiece. Pictures available on request.
Contact: Neil C. --
For Sale: Olds Standard
Early 1940s Olds Standard. Serial #132XX. .485 - .500 bore size. 7 ½ inch gold brass tempered bell. The slide is like new. No inner tube wear, excellent compression and alignment. Original lacquer is 100% intact. Has the cool pearl button on the slide lock. Bell section: The bell flare had some minor repair, otherwise perfect. Stripped of lacquer and polished. This horn is super responsive in all registers. Comes in a solid coffin case. (not the original Olds case) Pictures available. Asking $375/ make an offer.
Contact: Bob Andersen --
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For Sale: Bach 50A3
For sale is my Bach 50A3, with a yellow brass unlacquered bell and independent Hagmann valves. I bought the horn in 2012, it is only 5 years old. I originally bought it with a 10.5 inch bell, and swapped it within the year with the 9.5 inch unlacquered bell. The rest of the horn is lacquered and in excellent condition. There are some stains on the bell from spit, but the bell is in great shape as well. Valves move quickly, and come with one Hagmann cap, and one Rath heavy valve cap on. Some light lacquer wear on the slide, but not very pronounced. At the bottom is a link to the pictures of the horn. Comes with a Protec pro-pac case, in great condition. I am asking $3,200 plus shipping, or best offer. US shipping only.
Contact: Carter Jackson --
For Sale: Shires Bass Trombone
For Sale Shires Custom Bass Trombone Shires Double Rotor (stacked F & D. Bell is a Medium Weight Gold to Yellow, Tuning slide is Gold, Hand slide is a B 62. COMES WITH three lead pipes 1)B1.5L, 2)B1.5, 3)B1, Sheridan Brass "Get a Grip", Case, a Jo Ral Straight Mute, Jo Ral cup Mute, soft tone mute, plus a custom case to carry all. It also includes a Doug Elliott M 8 Shank,LBL cup,LB 111 rim and a LB 113 rim This horn is a little over one year old and I am asking $5700.00 plus freight, HOWEVER I will listen to reasonable offers.
Contact: Donald Hildie --
For Sale: Bach 50T3
Professional Vincent Bach 50T3 bass trombone for sale. Great playing shape. It has been used professionally for the past 7 years and has some minor dents on the bell due to daily use. Slide condition 8.5 out of 10, it needs some minor work on one of the inner tubes but it doesn't really affect the way the horn plays. I can also include a great second Bach 50 slide (serial number 50143). The slide was personally searched and picked by Noah Gladstone, from the Brass Ark, in the Los Angeles area and plays just wonderfully. The horn comes with a Glenn Cronkhite flight case. Please email me for pictures and more details. Price is $4200 for the whole package or $3300 for the horn and just one slide. Prices are negotiable. Shipping within the continental USA.
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For Sale
For Sale: Antique Valve Trombones
I have been asked by the estate of Kansas City trombonist and bandleader Steve Miller to sell several of the instruments he has collected over the years. These are valve trombones from the late 1800s and early 1900s. All are in restorable condition, and are playable as-is. I have done nothing beyond oil the valves and play-test the instruments - they are in "as-is" condition.

I am accepting offers on behalf of the estate. Shipping will be on a per-instrument quote using the buyer's preferred method of shipping. The cost of shipping will also include $15 for a box and packing materials.

Please let me know if you would like additional pictures, measurements, etc. I can also provide video of the instruments including playing the instruments.

1. Goumat & Co. Valve Trombone
From what I have been able to find, the Goumat & Co. brand was possibly made by Bohland or Fuchs in Germany and imported by J.W. Jenkins Music of Kansas City. Jenkins was a fixture in the Kansas City area from the late 1800s until its sale to Schmitt Music in 1997.

This instrument is the roughest of the lot. There is no lacquer on the bell section, and the silver plating on the rest of the instrument is quite tarnished and worn. The valves have no plating - as was common for the time - but move freely when lubricated. The tuning slides do not move, but could probably be pulled free by a repairman. This instrument uses a small shank mouthpiece, and a modern mouthpiece fits with no problem.
3. E.A. Couturier Co. Valve Trombone
This instrument dates to the 1920s. Ernst Albert Couturier was a cornet player who worked as a promotional artist for the Frank Holton Company in the first decade of the 1900s. In 1912, he left Holton and began producing his own line of conical bore instruments. This instrument was made sometime between 1918 and 1923, as Couturier sold his company to Lyon & Healy in 1923 and as the instrument is engraved "LaPorte, Ind".

This is the best-playing of the three instruments, and is unique in design. It is conical bore, and has only one main tuning slide - there are no tuning slides on the valve section. The valves work well. This instrument uses a small shank mouthpiece, and a modern mouthpiece fits with no problem. The valves have wear, but move smoothly when lubricated.
Contact: Chris Waage --
For Sale: Boosey & Hawkes Sovereign Euphonium
For sale is a 1960's era Boosey & Hawkes Sovereign Euphonium. Excellent condition, easy response, great intonation, classic bright British euphonium sound. Played professionally, originally in the Royal Canadian Navy Band, subsequently in other professional orchestras in Canada. Horn is available for trial in Montreal or Toronto. Hard case included. Would prefer pick-up to shipping. Price is $3000 USD, plus shipping if required. More information and photos available on request. Sasha Johnson Principal Tuba, National Ballet of Canada Faculty, Schulich School of Music, McGill University
Contact: Sasha Johnson --

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