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For Sale: Berkeley Alto
Berkeley Alto, made by Jin Bao. Decent playing instrument, but downsizing the collection. Stock leadpipe, includes case but no mouthpiece. Pics on request. $225 including shipping in the US.
Contact: Chris Waage --
    Tenor Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
    Tenor Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Bach 42T
Bach 42T tenor trombone for sale. This is the model with large bore and a Thayer valve F-attachment. It's in the standard yellow brass with some nickel-plated trim. It's in good condition, with only some minor scratches to the lacquer, mostly on the main tuning slide and the bell. There are also a few small dents on the end of the slide crook, but otherwise the horn is in perfect playing condition. I purchased it new in 2003 and used it through college, but it hasn't been played much in the last 6 years. I'm downsizing my collection ahead of a move. Includes A gold-plated Wick 5AL mouthpiece and a Protec case that's well-worn but structurally sound. Asking price is $2,500, but willing to negotiate. Buyer will pay shipping, payment by PayPal only.
Contact: Matt Richardson --
For Sale: Edwards T350-E
Selling an Edwards T350-E tenor trombone. It has the Thayer valve and a .525/.547 dual bore slide. The bell is a yellow 321CF, and the tuning slide is a single radius rose brass. The three leadpipes are included, and also comes with a bullet brace. The trombone is in excellent condition. The finish is a 8/10 and the slide is a 10/10. The trombone will come with an Anvil road case. Shipping should be no more than $75.00 in the Continental US. PayPal accepted. Please feel free to email or text me (915 329 3915) for photos and to ask any questions about it. Thanks!
Contact: Ralph Cena --
For Sale: Greenhoe Optimized 88HT
For sale is the great Greenhoe optimized 88HT for only ***$2200*** I'm the second owner of the horn, made in about 2010. Greenhoe Optimized Trombones include the patented Greenhoe Valve, specifically designed part upgrades, as well as many of the Greenhoe Performance Innovations incorporated on Greenhoe Trombones. Greenhoe Optimized Trombones feature careful hand assembly of each instrument. The valve may be the best available. Both valve caps and 3 lead pipes included, as is a Cronkhite case in perfect condition (black and red). There are about 3 very small bell mute dings, which I've tried to show in the pictures. Slide is great. Leather guard included. This is an amazing horn, and the same model just sole on eBay for over $3000. Buyer pays shipping, but I have a great box from Shires, which will help with the cost. This is a truly amazing price. If you want 2 new horns, I'll package it with my Kanstul 1688 TIS for $4000! Photos at: ... 4XY6a?dl=0
Contact: Jennifer Martin --
For Sale: Schilke ST20
Hello! I'm looking to sell my Schilke ST20 Tenor Trombone. It's in pristine condition with slight wear only by the hand grip area. Features an axial flow f-trigger attachment with an open wrap which has almost no resistance when playing. No dents whatsoever (it has recently been serviced by a technician). Slide is incredibly smooth when lubricated. Comes with its original case, 2 additional removable lead pipes, and a 6 1/2AL large shake mouthpiece. Price is $2,499 and includes domestic shipping. Contact me if interested. Also, I have dozens of photos to share if you're interested!
Contact: Ritwik Rudra --
For Sale: New York Bach 16
1951 New York Bach Stradivarius Model 16 in near mint/beautiful condition. Duo Bore slide (0.490/0.510″) with gold brass 7 inch bell. Serial #: 3612. Includes gold brass outer slide tubes, yellow brass crook. Slide tubes replaced, original lead pipe retained. Excellent slide action. Beautifully refinished by Brian Russell. 99% lacquer. Plays exceptionally well. The 7 inch bell lends point & focus to the warmth of the gold brass flare and gold brass outer slide tubes. Does not play small - at all. Very much the creamy rich & beautiful Bill Watrous Bach 16 sound. Original case. Will ship to selected countries. Price available upon request. Paypal and shipping to be included. Located in Snohomish, Washington State.
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Silver Bach 42
Used Silver Plated Bach 42 (straight horn), serial number 75xxx. The horn has great slotting and sound, and the slide is in good condition. Included in the sale will be an older style Protec case. There are scratches and other minor cosmetic blemishes around the horn, but in my opinion the sliver plate conceals these well. Email me for pictures. For the trombone, the Protec case, and shipping, I'm looking for $1500 (but I'm open to offers in that ballpark).
Contact: Robby Meese --
For Sale: Conn 48h Connstellation
Conn 48h Connstellation 1972 Beautiful condition, no dents or lacquer loss, great slide. Looks new from 10' away. Original case in great condition. Plays like the Elkharts from a year previous. $800 + shipping. Email for questions or pictures
Contact: Matt Lombard --
For Sale: Elkhart Conn 6H
1969 Elkhart Conn 6H in excellent condition. Serial #: M 285xx. This is one great lead horn. This model being played by the likes of Frank Rosolino. Trombone is in an exceptional player. Zero dents. Great slide action. Bell never damaged. 95% lacquer. All positives. Comes in vintage 60's case, also in excellent condition. You will love her! Must sell off to help purchase a home, so really paring down to my most valued personal horns. $1525 shipped to anywhere in the continental U.S. $1575 for Western Europe. Payment by Paypal or cash pickup. Happy to answer questions.
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Getzen 3508Y
3508Y - Getzen Custom Series Jazz Trombone Professional-level horn with yellow brass bell. Comes with three interchangeable lead pipes and an orange Softpack case by BAM. Slide was rebuilt by the Slide Doctor. In very good condition. Discoloration on tuning slide and slight lacquer bleed on bell (see photos). I am selling because I no longer play. Asking $800 plus shipping. Ships from Southern Oregon. Please contact with any further questions.
Contact: Case Wiseman --
For Sale: King 3B Concert
King 3B Concert for sale. Serial #721xxx. Silver plate, excellent condition. Two barely noticeable dings on bell. Slide action is near perfect. Comes with barely used BAM case with shoulder strap and never used King 7C mouthpiece. $1500 OBO plus S&H. Photos available on request.
Contact: Dan Schwartz --
For Sale: Shires Michael Davis Plus
Shires Tenor Trombone Michael Davis Plus model. Bore size is .508 same as the King 3B. Some people refer to this Shires horn as a King 3B on steroids. Horn has no dents, slide is excellent, and comes with Cronkite gig case. Yellow lacquer brass. Asking $2100.00. Shipping cost to be discussed. Photos sent on request.
Contact: Ronald Gibbs --
For Sale: Conn 88h
Conn 88h. 1972. Excellent condition. Comes with original hard case. $1,000.
Contact: Shawn Mathey --
    Bass Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
    Bass Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Olds S23 Bass Trombone
Olds S23Made in 1970, give or take 6 months, based on serial number. A professional level instrument of its era. Professionally maintained. Nice slide action, only slight slide stocking wear, and no noticeable dents or damage. Shipped UPS at my cost within the U.S. Includes the Vincent Bach 6-1/2A mouthpiece that it came with when I bought it, but I will be happy to include a Schilke 59, which I think is more suitable. It provided a very satisfactory first step for me from tenor to bass, but I simply own too many trombones. $1500. Link to photos:
Contact: Mike Bennett --
For Sale: Conn 62H
Conn 62H bass trombone with dependent triggers f/D in great condition, slide is nice and smooth, normal lacquer wear in slide handle and neckpipe and tuning slides. Comes with a ritter softcase, no mouthpiece, includes 3 leadpipes. Asking for $2300 + shipping. Pictures on request via email
Contact: Jonathan Tene --
For Sale: Jupiter JSL-740
Hello! I have a like-new Jupiter JSL-740 for sale. Cosmetically, it's in almost perfect condition (I barely even played it, ~6 months at most), and has no dents and is almost completely free from scratches. The slide itself is incredibly smooth. The slide lock, though, is stuck, though I wouldn't imagine it being a hard fix. The triggers are really sticky at the moment, but I'd imagine that it's out of lack of recent usage (I hadn't even touched it for about a year up until today). It comes with its original case and a used 1 1/2G large shank mouth piece. Given that it probably needs some servicing on the triggers to unstick them (or maybe none if you have experience oiling rotary) I'm willing to sell it for $1,999, which includes domestic shipping. If you're interested, I can send dozens of photos of the instrument, so feel free to reach out!
Contact: Ritwik Rudra --
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For Sale: Cerveny Rotary Valve Trombone
Antique V.F. Cerveny rotary valve tenor trombone for sale. I know very little about this 4-valved instrument other than the engraved trademark, "V.F. Cerveny a Synove," and that the maker is based on Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. I've tried contacting Cerveny to date the serial number but have never received a reply. I got it from a flea market and the seller knew nothing about it, but it appears to be from the first half of the 20th century and of the sort of design I've seen often in images of European brass bands of the era, especially cavalry bands (I'm a historian who dabbles in 19th and early 20th century military music). It has roughly the shape of a modern valve trombone, and it has an extremely long tuning slide at the bottom of the valve section, so it can be tuned to either Bb or C (the 4 individual valves are tunable to accommodate the two possible keys). The instrument is playable and it gets a slightly hybrid baritone-like sound because of the wide (9.5 in) bell and the conical bore through the bell section. Cosmetically it shows its age, but it's entirely free of rust and red rot. The bell has many small dents and most of the lacquer is gone. The valve section's lacquer is also gone, but there are no major dents in the main tuning slide or valve tubes. The valves also move a bit slowly by modern standards. It's a fascinating piece that I've enjoyed playing around with, but I need to downsize my trombone collection ahead of a move. There is no case, and the mouthpiece receiver is compatible with small shank mouthpieces (although I think it may have been designed for an outdated shank size slightly bigger than that). I'll share photos upon request. Asking price is $400, but I'll consider any serious offer. Buyer pays shipping, payment accepted via PayPal.
Contact: Matt Richardson --
For Sale: Cerveny CVT-576 F Valve Bass Trombone/Cimbasso
Cimbasso Bargain!!! Cerveny CVT-576 F Valve Bass Trombone* - only $1900 (*Cerveny calls their straight model a "valve bass trombone" and the bent version of the identical instrument CVT 576-4CPX (Note the nearly identical model number) a "cimbasso," but the straight horn is much cheaper, for whatever reason. This sale includes several improvements by NRE Master Craftsman Norm Epley: 1 Added tubing to bring pitch down to A=440 (the new horn is very sharp) 2 Two tuning slide triggers (1st and 4th valves) With these alterations the horn plays very well in tune. This sale also includes: 1 Contrabass trombone stand by Hornguys of LA ($60 value - for resting the instrument while not playing) 2 ErgoBone stand ($150 value - to hold horn while playing) (note- this is the floor stand - the chest stand will not work with this horn) Why so cheap, with all of these extras? Ray bought this when it was temporarily cheaper (currency fluctuations). He played it on the KY Opera's "Otello" where it got very favorable comments from other musicians and audience members. Then the KY Opera changed staff, stopped hiring an extra trombonist for Italian operas, and gave the Cimbasso part to the tubist. Now you can gain from Ray's loss! This horn has a euro shank (in between large and small shank trombone). Euro mouthpiece included - Cerveny "3G", plus one, your choice, from the following: 1 Bach 1 1/4 G (bass trombone) used 2 Bach 2G (bass trombone) used 3 Holton 1 1/2 G (bass trombone) used 4 Doug Elliot shank - custom bored out by Norm - should fit your Elliot mouthpiece upper (very slightly used) 5 Tuba mouthpiece to be named later - custom shank-fit by Norm (used) You may consider getting the shank changed to a large trombone or tuba shank, but it worked fine for me with the bored-out Doug Elliot shank and a 114-K bass trombone upper. This horn barks at f like a cimbasso should, and plays a rich low sound at p. Email Ray for the links to pictures and more information: New, the unimproved horn would cost you $2343.95:(? 2.190,00) IF you can find it (Musician's Friend sometimes lists it as "currently unavailable.") Other Cimbassi list on for $9K to $14K.
Contact: Raymond Horton --

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