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    Alto Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
    Alto Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Conn 36H
Conn 36H (Bb rotor valve) in great condition, comes with case. $1700 +shipping, located in New England. Please email for pictures or questions.
Contact: Brittany Lasch --
    Tenor Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Buy: Benge 165F
I am looking for a Benge 165F trombone in at least very good condition.
Contact: Becky --
Want to Buy: Large Bore Tenor Trombone
Want To Buy--a large bore, F-attachment trombone for my son. He's in 8th grade, has played for 2 years, and I'm looking for a horn to carry him through high school.
Contact: Scott Strassels --
Want to Trade: Bach 42BO
I would like to trade my Bach 42BO tenor trombone and cash for a Shires trombone. Email if interested so we can talk details.
Contact: Will --
    Tenor Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Conn 79H
$1500 includes trombone and case. Paypal preferred. Shipped only within US, you pay shipping. Conn 79h, 0.525 bore, probably late '80s. Takes a small shank mpc. I believe it has a rose brass bell, but because the lacquer is so dark, I'm not 100% sure on that. The bell is ~8.5" diameter. The only marking on the bell is CG Conn LTD, Artist, along the side of the bell. No engraving. The slide is very nice, no catches, lubes up very nice, easy 9/10. No wear on the stockings. The lacquer has some pits and scratches in it. The case is a generic square coffin in fair condition, similar to a King 3B case in shape. The trigger mechanism is solid, and both tuning slides work well. There's only one blemish I can find, it looks like a mute ding. There may have been a dent removed from the tuning slide, but it was well done. Plays very nicely, nice dark sound due to red brass bell and projects well due to larger bell diameter. Sweet upper range, and surprisingly rich trigger range into the pedals. These horns are extremely hard to find, especially in this condition.
Contact: Matt Lombard --
For Sale: Edwards T-396A
I'm looking to sell my T-396A Edwards with case. I bought it in 2011 and have recently purchased a new one that I like better. It's in great shape and comes with all harmonic pillars as well as an Edwards travel case. If you are interested please contact me.
Contact: Preston --
For Sale: Getzen 3047AFR
Getzen 3047AFR. Getzen custom series trombone for sale. Excellent shape overall, with no dents. A few scratches and wear from everyday use. The bell, main tuning slide and hand slide are not lacquered, the valve section is lacquered. Both tuning slides and the valve work flawlessly. The hand slide is in perfect shape and the action is excellent. I am the second owner of this horn and I believe it was manufactured within the past 5-6 years. Also included are two leadpipes (T2 and T3). A gold Griego Deco 5G mouthpiece in excellent shape. And a black Eastman trombone case in good shape with some nicks and scrapes from everyday use. Backpack straps included. For everything I am asking $1900 obo. Shipping is included. For pictures and/or questions please email me.
Contact: Jesse Sylvester --
For Sale: Shires Tenor Trombone
Shires Tenor Trombone for $2499.00 Pictures:
Ships free to lower 48 states. Selling from San Diego, California Single owner, bought in 2003. Gold Brass Bell Yellow Brass main and valve tuning slides. Thayer Valve. Yellow Brass single bore .547 slide with nickel bass crook. (slide enhanced by Bruce Bilow, Anaheim, CA). Comes with three leadpipes (1, 2,and 3). The horn is in excellent condition. Two of the braces have been re-soldered and the bell has been repaired. Slide is in perfect condition. Case not included I used this horn in performances with great professional orchestras over the years. It blends well with Bach-style trombones and has a gorgeous tone. Here are some video recordings of this trombone playing Tomasi Concerto:
Contact: Logan Chopyk --
For Sale: Yamaha YSL-620
Yamaha YSL-620 - .547 bore/8.5" bell professional model with F attachment. In very good condition, with case and 48L mouthpiece. Has a few dings and lacquer wear, $1,500 (no PayPal). Pictures available upon request.
Contact: JJ Jones --
For Sale: Edwards T-350E
Edwards T-350E tenor trombone in great condition. 324CF bell, T-STD-AN slide (nickel), edge bracing. Located in New England, $2600. Please email for pictures or questions.
Contact: Brittany Lasch --
For Sale: Shires Tenor Trombone
For Sale: Shires Tenor Trombone 1Y Bell, Thayer valve, TB47 Slide (.547 bore with a nickel bass crook). Tuning slide is B2. This horn is about 15 years old, but I've hardly played it in the past 10 years and have decided it deserves a new home. It has been well maintained and has had two professional owners. I purchased the bell section from Toby Oft in 2001. The overall condition is very good, especially the slide action, which is a 9/10. The horn has a big sound, is free blowing, and has a terrific low register. It can take a lot of air and still hold together nicely. Cosmetically, there is a bit of lacquer wear in places, including on the slide handles. Please email me for pics and details. I'm in Dallas if you'd like to try the horn, otherwise, happy to include shipping in the US. $2800, with an SKB hard case.
Contact: Scott Stratton --
For Sale: Conn 88H
1975 Conn 88H, like a time capsule, beautiful condition. Pictures available, $1600 plus shipping.
Contact: german --
For Sale: Holton TR-156
1970's Holton TR-156 Jay Friedman model. Dual bore slide (.547-.559), red brass 8.5" bell, no F-attachement. Like new - $1300 plus shipping.
Contact: german --
For Sale: King Cleveland 3B
Early 60's King Cleveland 3B. I am asking $1000.00 plus shipping, and comes with either a King Coffin case, or a gig bag. I bought this in 2008 off this OJT. It was freshly overhauled. It has a few dings here and there, but overall a great horn, and the slide is great. Serial number #404XXX pictures are available upon request.
Contact: Phil Burton --
    Bass Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
    Bass Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Yamaha YBL-621
Yamaha YBL-621; had Baltimore Brass swap a Rotax valve for the valve that came with the horn. Overall lacquer about 80%; no indication of major dents; usual mute dings. Slide has just been serviced by John Sandhagen. Bell has no markings apart from YBL-621 near the slide connector, and is the color of a rose brass bell, though I haven't seen anything saying that these horns were offered that way. Slide also says YBL-621. One of the nicest things about the horn is its weight, which I believe is very light. Horn plays very well; valve and straight section sound/blow very close. Slide was in pretty good shape before it went to John, so I imagine it will be excellent now (haven't gotten it back yet; ETA 8/21). $1900 including shipping. Has the original case but if you want that it will be another $150 because it's the original wooden case (in serviceable but not great condition). Shipping to continental US only. Bank check or postal money order. If you're in Baltimore DC area you're welcome to come try it. Very nice horn. Selling it because I found an excellent YBL-612 which I really like.
Contact: Stephen Jones --
For Sale: Bach 50T3
Professional Vincent Bach 50T3 bass trombone for sale. The horn is in great shape and has a rich full sound. It has been used professionally for the past 6 years and has some minor dents on the bell due to daily use. The Thayers section was aligned and checked by John Sandhagen, from the Boneyard, in Los Angeles a year ago. The slide is in great shape and moves very smoothly, it needs some minor work on one of the inner tubes but it doesn't really affect the way the horn plays. I can also include a great second Bach 50 slide (serial number 50143) that I purchased this year. The slide was personally searched and picked by Noah Gladstone, from the Brass Ark, in the Los Angeles area and plays just wondeffully. The horn comes with a Glenn Cronkhite flight case. Please email me for pictures and more details. Price is $4285 OBO for the whole package. Shipping negotiable within the continental USA.
Contact: Adrián Nájera-Coto --
For Sale: Conn 73H
Conn 73H in near MINT condition. 99% original lacquer, no dents or prior repairs. 9 1/2 inch yellow brass bell. Inner slide tubes are perfect and show no wear. Stored properly over 40 years ago. 4300.00 / offer 414-529-7381
Contact: Paul --
For Sale: Conn 83H
An unmolested Conn 83H independent double bass trombone. Was played in the Winter Olympics at Lake Placid! The horn has a few dings in the bell. Tuning slide and hand slide are straight! Pitched in original Bb/F/E Basically an independent version of the 73Hh, with tuning in the bell. Buyer asking $2,200. I will send pics upon request. Comes with original Conn hardcase and 2 - 1.5 mouthpieces. Conn and Benge. Hard case fits the horn like a glove!
Contact: Sam --
    Euphoniums, Tubas &
        Valved Instruments -
Want to Buy/Trade
    Euphoniums, Tubas &
        Valved Instruments -
For Sale
For Sale: Cerveny E-flat Tuba
Cerveny E-flat Tuba - 4 Rotary Valves- Includes Mouthpiece & Gig Bag-Well loved! A European made tuba with superior tone and craftsmanship. Eb tuba 4 rotary valves Clear lacquer finish Complete with original silver-plated Eb mouthpiece Has a nice black gig bag in Cordura (I think). Just returned from the shop where the four rotary valves were cleaned and adjusted. It plays sweetly and the valves are fast and smooth. Engraving on the tuba: V.F. Cerveny & Sons AEB 651
Condition: Lacquer spotting on lead pipe, overall lacquer retention is approximately 85-90%. There is an area of denting on the lower bow that isn't pretty but does not seem to restrict anything. The previous owner played this horn in a 45 piece band. I have played this horn and it blows freely and the valves are fast and smooth $2000 OBO Located in Seattle Area!
Contact: Harry Moore --
For Sale: VMI Mel Culbertson Neptune CC Tuba
Super nice older VMI Mel Culbertson Neptune CC Tuba - 5 ROTORS - Only one leadpipe - Added main tuning slide handle for tuning while playing. - Second valve trigger - Full step 5th valve slide Can be set to play as a BBb) - just returned from a checkup at the shop, adjusted fifth valve and fixed 1 1/2 " flattened area of Bell. It looks good. -Nice Black Reunion Blues leather gig bag. Seattle Area! Found this in an antique/thrift store. Nice sound and centering, in tune as much as I played it. I am selling because it is too much horn for this old trombone player. I play tuba once or twice a year but this horn deserves a real player. Free blowing great looking horn see the pictures:
Price: $7500 OBO
Contact: Harry Moore --

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