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For Sale: Bach 42AF
Nearly new Bach 42AF (Infinity Valve). Selected at the Bach plant in Elkhart on June 27, 2016. Near-perfect condition (no mute ever inserted). No dings. One minor instance of acid bleed on the bell bead. 5 eyelash-sized scratches on the upper bell stem where my wedding ring came in contact when assembling instrument. They are so small that I cannot photo-capture them. No wear on slide or neck pipe. I can email a pic of the acid bleed. Description from the Bach site: Bach "Stradivarius" - .547" large bore, 8-1/2" one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell, open wrap F attachment with the new Infinity axial flow valve, yellow brass outer slide, clear lacquer finish, Bach 6-1/2A mouthpiece, C1867A woodshell case. All yellow brass. Standard slide. Soldered leadpipe. Includes (new style) case never used and mouthpiece, never opened. Mail-order-roulette new price is 3,869 plus. This example, hand-picked is $3,300 plus shipping. Will try here before going to eBay. Peter Ellefson
Contact: Peter Ellefson --
For Sale: Conn 4H
Conn 4H Small-bore (0.484) Elkhart Conn from 1947 in near-pristine condition. Silver plate with gold wash inside bell, minor plating wear in one patch on the tuning slide and 2 very small dings in the bell flare from a previous owner storing it in an ill-fitting case. Slide moves freely, no wear on the stockings, minimal dulling of silver plating at hand contact points. Beautiful instrument that I don't play often enough to justify keeping. Comes in a newer two-tone leather Cronkhite case (which itself cost ~$400). Asking $2000 plus shipping, email for pictures. Will consider reasonable offers or potentially a trade for a good medium bore instrument.
Contact: Spencer --
For Sale: King 4BF Silversonic
King 4BF Silversonic, gently used, great shape, can provide photos
Contact: Marvin Hoffert --
For Sale: Bach Tenor Trombone
Student model Bach tenor trombone. The slide works great without any disruptions. Comes with standard 12C Vincent Bach student mouthpiece. The only wear is on the bottom of the slide from use of a 6th grader for about a month. All around great horn.
Contact: Samuel van den Bosch --
For Sale: King 606
King 606 tenor trombone. A lot of lacquer wear through use of many owners over time. The slide is odd but ergonomic and is best (as far as I have found) when not lubricated - probably just need to find the right kind of lubricant. Comes with case but one of the latches to the case has been gone since I received it. Overall great horn especially for jazz playing. Also comes with an older King 12C mouthpiece.
Contact: Samuel van den Bosch --
For Sale: Earl Williams 6
Earl Williams 6 tenor trombone , S/N 836. Good condition. Typical lacquer wear but no major dents or scratches. Top and bottom of slide are in good condition without dents. Original curly spit valve. Very nice work.
Contact: Brian Jacobson --
For Sale: Conn 88H
I am selling a 1987 88H Symphony Tenor Trombone, the bell size is .547" the bell material is Rose Brass, and the bell size is 8.5" This trombone used to belong to my ex husband that passed 26 years ago, so it holds a very special place in my heart, so i would like to sell it to someone who will appreciate it. I'm looking to sell it for around $1500 or OBO
Contact: Michelle Breland --
For Sale: Shires Tenor Trombone
5GM TII bell Axial Flow valve TB47 custom slide Looking to sell for about $3700 Small cosmetic issues Perfect playability Email me for pictures at
Contact: Liam Russell --
For Sale: Conn 88H
For Sale: Conn 88H In excellent condition. Is an older Conn model- I can look up the exact year upon request. Has 0.547-inch leadpipe with 8.5 inch yellow brass bell. I used this horn during my music studies at UT Austin. It has a great, warm sound and the slide works smoothly with no dents. Lacquer has normal worn look because it is an older horn. Can be sold with or without mouthpiece. I am asking for $1000 plus shipping and handling.
Contact: Tracy --
For Sale: King 3B Silversonic
I have a beautiful older King 3b Silversonic that I am looking to sell. $1500.
Contact: Scott --
For Sale: Holton TR160
Holton TR160. Pro horn at a beginner horn price. One very small ding in bell throat. Some lacquer wear at contact points. Missing the support stub on hand slide crook which was removed to enhance resonance. Horn should never be supported by it anyways. Nice slide and rotor action. Comes with original case in good condition. Very reasonably priced at $700. $70 shipping to Continental USA.
Contact: Dan Noyes --
    Bass Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Trade: Holton TR-181
Holton TR-181 independent bass trombone in beautiful condition. Want to trade for either an Olds Opera with f-attachment+cash or a Kanstul 1570 even trade. Need a better tenor rather than 2 basses.
Contact: Jim Theobald --
    Bass Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Benge 290
1991 Benge 290 In good condition.' Natural coat wear and tear. Got used - nicks and dings. Comes with a George Roberts 2 lead pipe and its original lead pipe with wear. 10 inch rose brass bell. Comes with leather grips on slide bars. Slide is very smooth with no disruptions. Plays nice and open with a warm, dark sound. Comes with original case.
Contact: Samuel DuFour --
For Sale: Shires Custom Bass Trombone
For Sale Shires Double Rotor (F & D). Bell is a Medium Weight Gold Graduating to Yellow Brass. Main Tuning Slide is Gold. The Hand Slide is a B62 and comes with three lead pipes, 1) B1.5L 2) B1.5 3) B1. The mouthpiece is a Doug Elliott M 8 shank,LBL cup, LB111 rim and a LB113 rim. Also included is a Sheridan Brass designed "Get a Grip" and case for the horn. I am also adding to the package a Jo Ral cup Mute, Jo Ral straight mute, soft tone mute plus a custom case to hold all three. This horn is a little over a year old in great shape. I am asking $5500.00plus freight. However I will entertain any reasonable offers. pictures are available upon request
Contact: Donald Hildie --
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For Sale: Wessex Dolce Euphonium
Wessex Dolce Euphonium Compensating euphonium manufactured by Jinbao, rather faithful copy of the Yamaha 642 (I have played them side by side, would not be able to distinguish without checking the engravings). I have the model in silver with gold trim, originally $1300. Condition is as you would expect from a year and a half of light use; minor mute dings in the bell and a few scratches on the plating. Valves work nicely with Hetman light oil. The original case had durability issues, so I upgraded to a lighter wessex gig bag. The unstamped mouthpiece that came with the horn (I think about 5G in size) is not great, but I'll include it and/or a gold-plated DC5 if desired. Asking $800.
Contact: Spencer --

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