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Want to Buy: Minick 100h
Looking for a Minick 100h .500 bore in playable or repairable condition.
Contact: Matt Lombard --
Want to Buy: Martin Urbie Green Tenor
I want to buy an Urbie Green tr4501 Martin Trombone. They haven't been made in a while. Let me know.
Contact: Randy Aldcroft --
    Tenor Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Selmer Bolero
Selmer Bolero w/f $900 with case. In good playing shape, nice sound. Valve and slide work well. Pictures available.
Contact: Matt Lombard --
For Sale: Bach 42B
Bach Stradivarius 42B for sale. Traditional closed wrap. Recently had some minor dents removed and had some touch up lacquer work. Slide is a 9 out of 10. Hard shell case included. Pics available on request. Asking $950.
Contact: Jacob Keplinger --
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    Bass Trombones - For Sale
    Euphoniums, Tubas &
        Valved Instruments -
Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Trade: Yamaha YEP-641S
Yamaha YEP-641S This instrument was purchased new in 1994 and I have been the sole owner. I would like to trade it for a dual valve bass trombone. Please email for pictures if interested.
Contact: Dave --
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