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For Sale: Rath R4F
Rath R4F in all yellow brass with a Hagmann valve and wide Bach style slide. F attachment has almost no lacquer. Cosmetically, not the best but plays like I first bought it. Slide is 10/10. I'm the only owner. Comes with counterweight and heavy valve cap. Will include gard leather gig bag for an extra $100. Considering trades for bass bones and straight horns. Asking for $3000. Pics and details upon request
Contact: Frank Scarano --
For Sale: Shires Tenor Tromobne
I'm selling my Shires large bore tenor trombone. I bought this horn new in 2008 directly from the Shires factory. There is mild lacquer wear on the horn, which is very typical of Shires horns. I have taken very good care of the horn and made sure that it is always in great playing condition. This is a great instrument, but it doesn't match my sound concept or the way I play anymore. I am including a black Wolfpak case with the purchase. The specs on the horn are: Bell: 1G Slide: TB47 Valve: Traditional Rotor Tuning Slide: Yellow brass Leadpipes: 1.5, 2, 2L Extra: Edwards Bullet Brace. Pictures are available Price: $3200 firm
Contact: Trey Simpson --
For Sale: Edwards T302
For sale is an Edwards T302 with the following specs and accessories: Bell: 9177CF (23 gauge, yellow brass, unsoldered rim) Tuning slide: Yellow Brass, single-radius with counterweight Neckpipe: Nickel Slide: .500 bore, yellow brass Leadpipes: #1, #2, and #3 standard yellow brass, #2 Sterling Silver - a $550 value included in purchase price Leather Specialties handguards as pictured Brasswind small tenor gig bag as pictured The bell had a ripple that was repaired, the 2nd photo of the bell flare attempts to show where the repair was made. Brasswind gig bag is a tight fit, and is scuffed, but still a serviceable daily bag under the right circumstances. The neckpipe shows typical lacquer wear, but the horn is in excellent cosmetic shape and was chem cleaned in 2016. The slide was aligned in 2016 and rates about an 8 out of 10. Price is $1700 including shipping within CONUS, other shipping can be included at additional cost. Pictures can be accessed at the following location:
Contact: Matt Hodgson --
For Sale: Shires Tenor Trombone
Shires .500 bore (S1YM) 8" yellow brass bell. T00NLW Light weight (8/10 condition) very fast nickel slide. Some normal wear on hand hold points. I believe it was made in 2007. Overall, very nice condition. Comes with 3 original Lead pipes, and a very nice Protec case. Pictures available on request. $1900 + $50 US shipping. PayPal preferred.
Contact: Mike --
For Sale: Elkhart Conn 88H
For Sale: Conn 88H 'Elkhart' Trombone A one-owner Elkhart 88H purchased new in 1969 - serial number confirms 1969 as year of manufacture (M22xxx). Original case. Though used - in excellent shape. Local repair person rates condition as 8 of 10. University trombone professor says it is 'pristine'. I am retired, and arthritis will not allow me to play anymore. Asking $1,750 and I will pay shipping to any address in continental United States upon receipt of certified check. View photos at
Contact: David Perry --
For Sale: Yamaha YSL-356L
Yamaha YSL-356L for sale; .525 with an F-attachment In used but good condition. This horn has been around for a little while and shows subsequent wear in the normal places. Horn was chem cleaned and had a slide job about a month ago. Comes with original Yamaha case This would be a GREAT first horn for any student moving to their first instrument with a valve. It would also be great for someone who would like to have something smaller than the normal large bore .547. Pictures upon request. $650 shipped in the CONUS
Contact: Daniel Pendley --
    Bass Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Trade: Jupiter XO 1240L
I have a wonderful Jupiter XO 1240L that's about three or four years old. Plays wonderfully with the most open rotors of any rotary Bass I've played. It's consistent from pedal C all the way up to treble clef c, as it speaks well in all registers. I also have a replacement f attachment paddle on it that's made from solid ebony wood. The reason that I'm looking to trade is that I'm going off to college and want something that plays a little bigger. I want the real honking bass trombone experience and I'm not seeming to get it with this horn, but it works perfectly in orchestral/band settings. What I'm looking for: shires/Edwards/Rath or similar horns, anything with haagman or Thayer valves really, but I'll entertain all trade offers, just let me know what you've got!
Contact: Andrew Sartor --
    Bass Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Shires Custom Bass Trombone
Shires Custom Bass TromboneShires Double Rotary (Stacked/Dependent) valves. Bell is a medium weight Gold to Yellow, Main tuning slide is Gold, Hand slide is a B 62 and comes with three lead pipes 1) B1.5L,2) B1.5,3B1. Also included in the price are the following: Sheridan Brass "Get a grip", custom Sheridan Brass Case, Jo Ral straight mute and cup mute, soft tone mute, and a custom case for all the mutes. Also included is a Doug Elliott mouthpiece with a M 8 shank, LB111 rim and an LB113 rim. The horn is in excellent shape and I am asking $5500.00 plus freight. Pictures available on request.
Contact: Donald Hildie --
For Sale: Egger Bass Sackbut
Baroque bass sackbut by Egger, Basel, 2004; built in F (A=440) with chromed slides, with pull to A430/415 and additional tuning slide for Eb440/415 (D466/440). This is a fine instrument, and will be looked over by Egger before sale. Selling because I have acquired another bass which fits me better. Asking price $5000 US including Brass Bags case and 2 mouthpieces.
Contact: Nathaniel Wood --
For Sale: Mack Brass Bass Trombone
For sale is a Mack Brass bass trombone that has been modified to accept Edwards bass leadpipes. Horn is based on the Yamaha 830 Xeno bass trombone, and features a 9.5" gold-brass bell, dual independent traditional rotors (B-flat, F, G-flat, D tuning). Specs list this as a .562 bore all nickel slide, but when modified at Osmun for the Edwards leadpipe receiver, Jim Becker measured the bore at .558. This required a slight modification to some of the standard Edwards bass pipes, but some fit without modification. Included are B1 and B3 yellow brass pipes and a custom B1.5 Sterling Silver pipe ($450 value included in purchase price). Cosmetics are excellent, though there is a pin head sized dent in the G-flat tuning slide (see pictures). Slide was adjusted at Osmun, and rates an 8 out of 10. Standard foam body case included, but not pictured. This is a nice horn, particularly for a doubling tenor player to learn on. Price is $1000 shipped to CONUS, other shipping options at additional cost. Pictures:
Contact: Matt Hodgson --
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For Sale
For Sale: Besson Sovereign Euphonium
I'm a former doctoral student of the University of Minnesota and I'm selling my Besson Sovereign Euphonium. It's a 967 model, in great condition, and has been recently cleaned and serviced. My starting price for it is $5000 and pictures are available at the below link:
Please email me with any questions.
Contact: Nick Strebendt --
For Sale: Wessex BR140 Baritone
For sale is a Wessex BR140 silver-plated 3-valve compensating baritone Bore: 0.51″ (13mm) Bell: 9.5″ (243mm) Stainless steel piston valves Lightweight foam body case with handle and backpack straps It is an excellent instrument, with a big sound and good intonation. Cosmetics are virtually flawless, valves and slides move freely. Lists new at $850 from Wessex. Price is $550 including shipping to CONUS, other shipping options available at additional cost. Pictures:
Contact: Matt Hodgson --

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