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For Sale: Conn 36H
Conn 36H Alto Trombone. Eb/Bb, .491/.500" dual bore, 7" yellow brass bell, traditional wrap Bb attachment with traditional rotor, brass outer slide, clear lacquer finish, woodshell case. MInt condition. No dents and no scratches. A great instrument to play but unfortunately it's been in the case for too long hence the decision to sell. £1500 ono Pictures available on request.
Contact: Colin Barrett --
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For Sale: Mt. Vernon Bach 16
MT Vernon NEW YORK Bach model 16 yellow brass duo bore slide yellow brass in very good condition is all original also original hard case in excellent condition this great horn .I use on jazz and salsa .picture will be send to anyone interested please no shipping out side the USA .cash on delivery if you live near me or pay pal price 2000 plus shipping 4digted serial number or trade for a bass trombone equal value .thank you
Contact: German --
For Sale: New York Bach 6
This is a medium large bore horn and bell. Quotes about Model 6 from the Trombone Forum include "Very nice lead horn.", "the old ones (New York) are extraordinarily good, have great sturdy slides and project really well in the upper register. Perfect big band lead horn", and "An excellent, excellent, excellent jazz horn; one that really plays and is still considered very collectible." Serial number 1310. Mfg. at original Bach New York factory. Mfg. 1938. 7" Bell - type 51. This beautiful, single-owner horn toured the continental 48 United States. It retains its original patina. It has no dings - see photos. The hand slide is extremely smooth. Valued at over $2,200 any offer of $1800 is acceptable. This is an instrument any musician would enjoy playing.
Contact: Jay Benson --
For Sale: Alessi Model T396A Trombone Bell w/ Bach LT42 Slide
Awesome instrument ! Excellent condition. No dents or visible scratches, Only played a few months. Includes copper /steel sound rods for changing bell sound/feel. Super fast and smooth Rotax Valve . Rose Brass extended main tuning crook. -Bach 42 lightweight nickel slide with removable lead pipe. Slide is smooth and works great! Plating worn on outside of slide. $3450 paypal accepted. If interested please email me for pics
Contact: Paul Bellino --
For Sale: Edwards T350
Edwards T350, approx. 5 years old. 384CF Bell, TN-Std. slide, rose dual radius tuning slide. Comes with case. Good condition, cosmetic wear. Asking $3000 OBO.
Contact: Charles Longino --
For Sale: Elkhart Conn 4H
Elkhart Conn 4H This is a gorgeous instrument, built in 1947 or 1948 based on the serial number. Silver plated outside, gold plate on the inside of the bell. Very small bore (0.484") but it can still get a nice big sound. Great jazz horn, responsive with a crisp high register. Excellent condition for an instrument of this age; I'd give the slide 8.5/10 at the lowest, no wear on the stockings at all. Cosmetically: two small dings in the bell where a previous owner was storing it in an ill-fitting case, minor plating wear at the top of the tuning slide and along hand grips. I'll send it along in a two-tone leather Glenn Cronkhite case (which itself cost ~$400) and include an 11c mouthpiece if you want (wouldn't recommend pairing anything much larger with this horn). I don't play this instrument nearly as much as it deserves, so hoping it can find a good home. Asking $1800 plus shipping.
Contact: Spencer --
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For Sale: Laetzsch Model SL-600 Contrabass Trombone
Contrabass Trombone for sale . Beautifull made, Laetzsch Model SL-600 in F with 2 independents Full Flow rotors in Eb(D)/Bb/Ab. Detachable bell,nickel silver kranz and long water key .with new condition. I will take in part of oaynent a bass trbn. This item new cost 14500?. Asking 11000U$$.
Contact: jorge andres urani --
For Sale: Shires Bass Trombone
Shires Bass Trombone for sale: 2 B G II Bell, 62 Slide, Shires Rotary valves , 2 leadpipes . IPac protec case.bought a year ago as new demo stock item. Available between 5-20 November around Oklahoma and Texas area.
Contact: jorge andres urani --
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For Sale: Wessex Dolce Euphonium
Wessex Dolce Euphonium Compensating euphonium manufactured by Jinbao, rather faithful copy of the Yamaha 642 (I have played them side by side, would not be able to distinguish without checking the engravings). I have the model in silver with gold trim, originally $1300. Condition is as you would expect from a year and a half of light use; minor mute dings in the bell and a few scratches on the plating. Valves work nicely with Hetman light oil. The original case had durability issues, so I upgraded to a lighter wessex gig bag. The unstamped mouthpiece that came with the horn (I think about 5G in size) is not great, but I'll include it and/or a gold-plated DC5 if desired. Will also include a nice Denis Wick travel mute - fits in bell, does a reasonable job balancing sound dampening with a consistent response. Asking $800.
Contact: Spencer --

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