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For Sale: Alto Trombones
Olds F Alto Trombone. Pretty rare beast! Sweet tone, had a custom mouthpiece (marcinciwicz)- like a 12C rim - much better fit and sound IMO for a trombone player... $800 Bach 39 Alto Trombone. This will break my heart - professionally stripped of it's lacquer, this alto trombone is just divine. Great slide - plays wonderfully. I used it recently on the Magic Flute Overture - but had sat in it's case for way too long before that. Someone should be playing this more regularly. $1200
Contact: Eric --
    Tenor Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
    Tenor Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Holton TR-159
Holton Model TR-159 large bore tenor trombone. Dual bore .547/.562 bores. Some refer to this horn as an almost bass trombone. The trombone is in pristine condition, no dents, lacquer is nearly 100%, slide is smooth with no drag. Gold/red bell, nickel slide, original case in good condition. This horn has been handled and maintained with care. Asking 1175.00 plus shipping. This is a Professional Model, not a student model.
Contact: Ron Gibbs --
For Sale: Elkhart Conn 10H Victor
For sale: Conn Elkhart 10H Victor Pedigreed Conn 10H(1955 from serial number 566xxx) in playable condition with typical wear for this experienced instrument. Lacquer and plating wear along neck pipe. Slide is smooth with some "Conn" wear on the stockings. Minor folding of perhaps 1 inch along a third of the bell flare, otherwise no other distracting damage. Comes with matching case in very good condition, lyre and lyre holder, case key, instructions and care manual and warranty certificate. Also included is a vintage Conn #3 mouthpiece. Email for pictures. Asking $900, though serious offers will be considered, plus actual shipping to your address.
Contact: Mark Galloway --
For Sale: Elkhart Conn 48H "Connstellation"
For sale: Conn Elkhart 48H Connstellation Absolutely near-mint Connstellation for sale along with its near-mint case. This one is as flawless and can be expected for an almost 50 year old trombone (serial K16xxx) I've really enjoyed playing this one, but prefer my Olds Opera, so this one needs a new owner and played often to be appreciated. Included is combined lyre/lyre holder, Conn slide lubricant and grease, mouthpiece and mouthpiece case. Email for picture package. Asking $1000 or best offer, plus actual shipping to your address, for this museum-quality instrument, case and accessories. The new owner will NOT be disappointed!
Contact: Mark Galloway --
For Sale: Olds Super
For sale: "Super" Olds Super with case and accessories This is probably a one-of-a-kind Olds Super from the late 40's. I am the second owner of this pedigreed horn and, under the original owner, it was a closet hermit. This allowed the instrument to attain some rather unique and, to me, very attractive coloration from the inside the bell, continuing along the bell flare all the way down the bell neck, in a tiger-stripe pattern. There is one small patch of finish wear on the bell flare and some small dents and scratches from the slide not being properly secured in its original case (I swapped out that case with a very nice vintage Olds case) Fantastic slide action and absolutely no wear along the fluted slides or stockings. Comes with non-original, but vintage Olds case (near-mint condition) Also included are the original lyre, lyre rod, cleaning rod, #3 Olds mouthpiece, care and instruction booklet, certificate of authenticity and original store receipt of purchase. Asking $900 or best offer, plus actual shipping, for this very unique instrument and ensemble of accessories. Email for pictures.
Contact: Mark Galloway --
For Sale: Getzen "The Dude"
Getzen "The Dude" tenor trombone. Raw brass - slide 3/10 - killer sound - but some ware on stockings. $150 Conn 44H "Vocabell" Tenor Trombone. Truly a magical horn - I don't really want to part with it - but I just don't use it. It needs to be played. $800
Contact: Eric --
For Sale: Bach 36BG
Bach Strad 36BG F attachment. This is a 1970's Bach the bell section and F valve (metal linkage not string) are in good shape, and valve works well. The slide is very good and has recently been religned, it has some wear where hands holds are, but other wise looks good. I am asking $1300.00 for this horn plus shipping. Pictures upon request. Pictures on request.
Contact: Donald Hildie --
For Sale: Bach Soloist
The trombone is a Bach soloist beginner trombone, in great condition other than it hasn't been played in a couple years. But it still looks and feels to be in good condition. May need to be cleaned through the inside. Slide feels great for not being oiled in such a long time. slide lock works. and everything is in function. Could be a great horn for a young beginner or someone who plays more often than I do. I would like to sell it through paypal and asking for $300 or best offer.
Contact: Jordan Barron --
For Sale: Elkhart Conn 88H
L-Series Conn 88H trombone made in Elkhart, Indiana in 1968. Fantastic condition, no wear on the slide. Small, pinhead dings in the bell throat and flare. Lacquer 99%. Original case in excellent condition as well. E-mail for photos. Buyer covers all PayPal and FedEx costs. I will ship internationally.
Contact: Tyler Gregory --
For Sale: Conn 88H-CL
Conn 88HCL This horn has seen very little and gentle use, The F attachment for this Conn was designed by Christian Lindberg to his specifications,and has a shorter throw. The horn comes with a hard shell case, a gold plated Christian Lindberg mouthpiece and three interchangeable lead pipes. I am asking $2500 for this horn plus shipping Pictures upon request.
Contact: Donald Hildie --
For Sale: Edwards T-350-E
Custom Edwards T350-E ordered in 2014. Played for only one year. Some light wear in the finish around the slide and neck contact area and a spot from soldering at the factory on the bell. Amazing horn and I hate to see it go has amazing big Edwards sound. Nickel slide, rose brass tuning slide and yellow brass everything else. All items from factory are included with case. No mouthpiece. Slide o mix cleaning rod included as well as leather wrap for slide. Thanks for looking! Feel Free to text with questions 9182897936
Contact: Zach Earnest --
For Sale: King 3B Silversonic
I'm selling my King Silversonic 3B in very good condition. The horn is gently used, but has no major damage. It does not have an F attachment. Slide is in good shape. I played jazz on this horn for ~2 years, and it has sat in the closet for the last 5 years. I recently had it serviced, so it looks and sounds great. Nice mid and high register, smooth slide, easy to project. I will also throw in a hard case and a mouth piece. If interested, I will provide more details (photos, serial number, thorough details about the horn's wear). I am asking $1500 for the horn (I bought it for ~2k) + cost of shipping/handling, but I am more than happy to negotiate price. This trombone plays great, so my main focus is to make sure someone gets their hands on it and starts playing it.
Contact: Michael Solotke --
    Bass Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Trade: Custom Bach 50B
I have a Bach 50B (custom open wrap) bass trombone with a Yamaha valve set that I would like to trade for a tenor trombone with an F attachment. Horn has no lacquer, and has been through some things. The slide is in a bit of rough shape... 6/10 at best... but could probably be fixed by a good repair-man. I can provide pics on request. I'd rather trade this for a tenor trombone with an F trigger that is in equally rough shape. Thank you!
Contact: Felix Del Tredici --
    Bass Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Bach/Greenhoe Bass Trombone
I am looking to sell my Bach Greenhoe bass trombone. It is all Yellow Brass Reversed tuning slide, interchangeable lead pipe, yellow brass at the the base of the slide. I have played this horn in college and in professional setting for the past ten years. It is in great playing shape with only a few cosmetic flaws that come from playing and traveling with an instrument for 10 years. I am not looking to trade and I would like only serious offers for this instrument. If you know this instrument, you know they do not make them anymore so the price is going to be $5250 pretty firm. I have photos if you are interested.
Contact: Ben Clymer --
For Sale: Olds Bass Trombone
"The Olds" Dual bore single trigger TIS bass trombone. I think this is also known as the S-20? It has been modified with a Meinl-Schmidt Open "Flow" valve and a very open valve wrap. Pretty amazing sound, more George Roberts than Charlie Vernon. Has the original wood shell case. Has been spot lacquered on the bell, not terribly well, a few dings in the bell. Slide is about a 7/10 - but pretty fast for a TIS slide. I'd entertain offers around $1500.
Contact: Eric --
For Sale: Bach 50B2
1978 Bach Stradivarius 50B2. Corporation era. Bell lacquer almost gone. Nickel slide in good shape, solid 8/10 action and improving with cleaning. Not a cosmetic stunner but the sound is tremendous. $1600 + shipping and any PayPal fees.
Contact: Tyler Gregory --
For Sale: New York Bach 50B
50's (New York era) Bach Stradivarius Model 50B bass trombone. The horn is in very good condition. I had the horn cleaned by a professional. The slides all move freely. The tubes are very good. The case is original and in good, functional condition. All of the latches work. The mouthpiece is the original. I'm in Pine City, MN if you have anyone to take a look for you. Asking $2800
Contact: David Geiser --
For Sale: Shires Bollinger Model Bass Trombone
Shires Bollinger model, purchased brand new in early 2015. Brushed finishing on the outside of bell. All the tubing has been carefully adjusted to release the tension and correct some factory careless job.It was my back up horn so it hasn't been played too much. Asking for $5000 + S/H obo.
Contact: Sun --
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For Sale: Conn Double-Bell Euphonium
Conn 5 valve double bell euphonium, silver with gold wash bells, bell front, plating is very good for age of horn. Minimal dents, horn in excellent condition. Has original case in good condition with all latches working. It is played frequently. For more information feel free to contact me at Asking $2200.00
Contact: Ron Gibbs --

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