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    Alto Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
    Alto Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Elkhart Conn 35H
Selling a rare Elkhart Conn 35H alto trombone with tuning in slide. Looking for USD 2300
Contact: Giorgi --
    Tenor Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Buy: Tenor Trombone
Looking to acquire an Conn 88HCLSGX, Yamaha 682B (oversized rotor), or Bach LT42GT50 (Friedman model).
Contact: Michael --
    Tenor Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: 1951 New York Bach 16
1951 New York Bach Stradivarius Model 16 in near mint/beautiful condition. Duo Bore slide (0.495/0.510″) with gold brass 7 inch bell. Serial #: 3612. Includes gold brass outer slide tubes, yellow brass crook. Slide tubes replaced, original lead pipe retained. Excellent slide action. Beautifully refinished by Brian Russell. 99% lacquer. Plays exceptionally well. The 7 inch bell lends point & focus to the warmth of the gold brass flare and gold brass outer slide tubes. Does not play small - at all. Very much the creamy rich & beautiful Bill Watrous Bach 16 sound. Original case. Will ship to selected countries. Price available upon request. Paypal and shipping to be included (Please note: check out 'Zelle' with your bank. This payment method has no fees and is free). $2395
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: 1958 Elkhart Conn 8H
This is a 1958 Elkhart Conn 8H in excellent condition. As was standard during this period, there is no slide lock, although it is quite easy to lock the slide using a woman's hair band, and I will include one with this sale. This is a wonderful playing instrument with the classic 8H sound. It sounds phenomenal in an orchestra. There is some plating loss on the inner tubes. The slide action is an 8 out of 10. Am selling 'as is', the next owner modifying or tweaking as they shall choose. Reason for selling - buying a house and must thin the herd. Please feel free to ask questions. Buyer is responsible for all Paypal and shipping fees. (Check out 'Zelle' with your bank. Zero fees and is a free service). Will ship overseas where I have many former happy customers. Thanks for checking her out. $1599
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Greenhoe GC4-1Y
Greenhoe GC4-1Y .547 Symphonic Tenor Trombone in New Condition Price: $4195 I picked this trombone out personally at the 2017 ITF, and it is an amazing player. Nonetheless, it has received minimal attention this past year (approximately 30 hours of playing) as I have been focusing on jazz in multiple venues in my area on my small bore horn. Greenhoe's are very consistent, and I have no problem repurchasing a new one once I buy a new home. No dents. No blemishes. No wear. Absolutely perfect condition. Same condition as the day I bought her. Sells new for $4995. Buyer responsible for any additional fees: Paypal and shipping. (Check out 'Zelle' services with your bank. No fees and is a free service). Please feel free to ask questions. Thanks for looking! PS: Here are the specs... GC4-1Y Bell Material: Yellow Brass Bell Design: Two-piece Bell w/ Unsoldered Rim Bell Thickness: LT/M Bell Size: 8.5″ Bore Size: .547″ Main Tuning Slide: Yellow Brass Valve: Greenhoe Valve w/ Yellow Brass Tubing Valve Cap: Standard Handslide: Rose Brass Handslide Crook: Nickel Silver Leadpipe: Interchangeable (2)
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Bach LT42
Selling my first teachers horn. The bell section is a Bach Corporation 42 built in 1970. The lightweight Lt42 slide (late 70's) was obtained by my teacher in a trade. I had the slide optimized and refinished. The slide action is excellent. A wonderful old Bach. The case is original. I must sell to buy a home. I hope that this trombone will find a buyer who will enjoy and play it. Will ship to anywhere in the continental United States. I will also ship overseas. Buyer is responsible for Paypal and Shipping. $1495
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Yamaha Xeno 8820
Sad to let this go, as this was the trombone that got me through high school and most of college, but it's time! Up for sale is my awesome custom Yamaha Xeno 8820. Professional Model large bore trombone. This has been well maintained with very few signs of wear outside the normal contact points. Chem cleaned and serviced twice a year when I used it regularly. Slide is a 9/10. This horn features a yellow brass bell with a conn-style slide, and has been professionally modified to take removable leadpipes. Super easy to play, with a great orchestral sound! Perfect for anyone looking to upgrade from a student or intermediate horn for high school or college. This can definitely be a lifetime trombone! $2500 OBO plus shipping with original leadpipe and brand new protec gig bag. Can include Brass Ark MV42 leadpipe for $100 extra.
Contact: Josh --
For Sale: Elkhart Conn 8H
Conn 8H trombone, serial number C79XXX, made in Elkhart 1964. I am the second owner and purchased it in 2010 after it sat in a closet since 1970. This horn is all original and has not been relacquered or had any parts replaced. Includes the original case, Remington mouthpiece, and slide springs. This horn has a warm, dark sound, characteristic of an Elkhart era Conn. The slide action is very good. The finish is good, with some wear and imperfections, but there are no dents. This is a beautiful vintage horn and a lot of fun to play! Please email me for pictures and with any questions. $1400 shipped CONUS
Contact: Scott Stratton --
For Sale: Courtois Legend 420BO
Courtois Legend 420BO New (slightly used) .547 bore tenor trombone. Yellow brass bell. Sounds and feels much like a classic Bach 42B. Bell was slightly damaged in shipment and has been professionally repaired. Otherwise NEW condition. No lacquer wear or dents. Ships in original compact Courtois case in new condition. PayPal preferred. $1200.00 or best offer shipped.
Contact: Jon Stegall --
For Sale: Elkhart Conn 88H
1966 Elkhart Conn 88H Trombone for sale. I am only the second (recent) owner, and have only played enough to decide it's not the right horn for me. But it's a wonderful horn, as these trombones of this generation are! The horn is in great shape, with only normal wear - lacquer wear in normal spots and a couple very small dents. Slide is smooth with no corrosion or other issues, valve and bell are also in great shape. Comes with original hard case (has seen better days but still functional) as well as Remington and Bach 2G mouthpiece.
Contact: David Tallacksen --
For Sale: Jupiter XO 1632 RGL-LT
Jupiter XO 1632 RGL-LT for sale for 900$. Very good condition, a few tiny dents, one on tuning slide. Super lightweight slide, incredible response with a rose gold bell. A great horn for jazz combo or big band. Got this new on a good deal, so trying to pay it forward on a good deal to a new home. Paypal only. Shipping included. email me for questions or pictures.
Contact: Masaki Kleinkopf --
    Bass Trombones - Want to Buy/Trade
    Bass Trombones - For Sale
For Sale: Custom Bach Lt50B3OG
For sale: a custom Bach Lt50B3OG bass trombone in excellent condition. Top components: a lightweight slide previously built and owned by artist/craftsman Michael McLemore (previous to M & W Custom Trombones). The slide includes a removable Bach open lead pipe and operates flawlessly. The bell is a brand new stock Bach 50BG 9.5-inch gold brass bell - a really good one, with a quintessential Bach 50G sound. The custom valve section has been recognized as Dick Akright's artistry, with valves estimated as either late Mount Vernon or early Elkhart, with excellent compression, fast levers, and excellent response on both valves together or individually. The entire bell section is unlacquered - and has a really good feel and response. This is a really excellent bass trombone and is on par with with my Mt. Vernon 50. I am selling for $3800 + shipping and Paypal fees (or zero fees through Zelle). Note: Online this configuration with Lt slide sells for: $5269 with a list price of: $6900. Personally, given how well the valves play and the overall response of the trombone, it ranks far superior to any factory 50 that I've ever played, and it has some wonderful history to it too! Photos available upon request. PS: If you prefer I have a newish Bach 50 New York style gold brass slide that can be included in this sale for the same price. $3800 + Paypal & Shipping
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Bach 42T Bell Section
Bell Section with Thayer Valve , older Bach unlacquered . Perfect action. No dents 42T
Contact: Andrew Reich --
    Euphoniums, Tubas &
        Valved Instruments -
Want to Buy/Trade
For Sale: Yamaha YEP-321 Euphonium
Yamaha YEP-321 euphonium in lacquer finish. This instrument is in near showroom condition with only a couple of minor dents. All slides pull easily, all valves have excellent compression. I had the receiver changed so that it will accept large shank mouthpiece. This made it easier for doubling and also seemed to open up the instrument. Includes case and a silver Yamaha 48L mouthpiece (not the original). $1750 plus shipping in the US. Please e-mail for pics
Contact: Chris Waage --
    Euphoniums, Tubas &
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