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The Online Trombone Journal Classifieds are
a free service for non-commercial advertisers.
For additional information on our policies,
please read the OTJ Classifieds Policies (below)
and the OTJ Classifieds FAQ.

Ad Submission Form

If the buyer or seller asks for payment via Western Union,
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NEVER send payment via Western Union or MoneyGram.

If you encounter a problem with submitting an ad, please
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A good description includes the make and model of what you are selling, along with the condition of the item and terms of sale. Please do not include entire manufacturer's description of the item you are selling.

Please proof-read your ad carefully. The Online Trombone Journal assumes no responsibility for typographic or factual errors in user-submitted classified ads. Use sentence case (please do not use all-capitals and crEaTive CaPITalization), and avoid using abbreviations.

Please do not list eBay auctions or items you currently have listed on eBay.
For more information, please read the FAQ entry regarding eBay.

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Revised May 21, 2015

  1. This service is being provided by the Online Trombone Journal free of charge for non-commercial advertisers. By placing an advertisement in the Online Trombone Journal, you agree to the policies stated here.
  2. Commercial ads are not free, and must be prepaid in the amount of $25.00 per ad through PayPal (PayPal address: or by using the form here). Commercial advertisers are defined as anyone who maintains an inventory of items for sale (music, instruments, accessories, etc.). Commercial advertisers may submit as many ads as needed, however, each ad will be billed at an insertion rate of $25 per ad, payable in advance through PayPal. Unpaid ads will not run.
  3. The OTJ Classifieds are updated weekly. Ads will run for four weeks unless the Online Trombone Journal is notified to delete the ad. Ads may be resubmitted for additional insertions.
  4. The Online Trombone Journal Classifieds are updated on Mondays. Ad submission deadline is 12:00 midnight (U.S. Central Time) on Fridays. Ads placed on a weekend may not start until Monday one week after the ad is submitted. Please check your ad confirmation e-mail as it contains the start date for your ad.
  5. Photos: If you would like to include photos, please include a link to a photo gallery using Flikr, Dropbox, Facebook, or a similar service. Please be sure that the link is set to "public" so that anyone can view the photos.
  6. Inappropriate ads (read SPAM) will not be published, and the senders will be reported to their ISP for TOS violations.


  1. The Online Trombone Journal reserves the right to censor, reclassify, revise, edit or reject any advertisement not meeting its standards of acceptance. Ads may also be edited for length and grammar. Submission of an advertisement does not constitute a commitment to publish the advertisement. We are not responsible for typographical errors. If you find an error in your ad please send email to Chris Waage, Classifieds Editor.
  2. Musical instruments are valuable commodities. Don't ship your trombone, music, mouthpieces, or even your cat out to the first yahoo who answers your ad. The Online Trombone Journal is not responsible for the transaction of money or merchandise in any way, shape, or form.
  3. Items which may infringe upon copyrighted material (i.e., duplicated videos, DVDs, CDs or any other audio/video recording media) will not be listed.
  4. Rates and specifications are subject to change at any time.

I have read and agree to abide by the policies and disclaimer.


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