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    Leadpipes - For Sale
For Sale: Jin Bao Alto Leadpipe
Drop in leadpipe for Jin Bao alto. Bought from Slidebone a while back. Marking says ALTO .470. Approximately 8 1/2 inches long. Looks similar to Stauffer lead pipe for Jin Bao but without threads. Worked well with horn, but sold horn without it. $60 shipped continental USA.
Contact: Mearl Danner --
    Mouthpieces - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Buy: Doug Elliott Components
Looking for large bore Doug Elliott tenor components. G cup w/101-103 size rim. Preferably narrow. G8 or 9 shank. LT or XT series.
Contact: Adam --
Want to Buy: Greg Black Mouthpiece
Looking for a large Greg Black 4 (ish) mouthpiece.
Contact: Adam --
    Mouthpieces - For Sale
For Sale: Griego-Alessi 5C
Up for sale is my Griego-Alessi 5C. It has barely been played as the cup is just a little too deep for me. Asking $150. Please email for pictures
Contact: Stephen Lowery --
For Sale: Mt. Vernon Bach 12C
Bach 12C Mount Vernon Excellent condition. email for pictures. $60 with free domestic shipping.
Contact: Pete Anderson --
For Sale: Mouthpieces
One single mouthpiece and 5 sets of mouthpieces. All Large shank symphony/orchestral size silver-plated mouthpieces. some, in brand new shape and condition. All of them in new -like condition. I will pay the shipping in the top 48 United states. Anywhere else you pay the extra shipping. I do not do Pay Pal.I'm sorry, but I wont even respond to you if you ask.I will ship by UPS (C.O.D,)by money order or cashiers check made out to me.I will give you a few days to decide. We will agree to that time during negotiations. (5 to 7 days.) Here are the mouthpieces. Remember what I said above. Pickett -Screw rim set. 5c rim on a 5S cup and a 5D cup. - $75.00 Griego Set - Both in silver plate and in the Deco Blank. 1, model 4 and 1 model 4M.- $85.00 One Griego Bousfield model V3 -$70,00 Hammond Design - 1, 10M, 110ML, and 1 10L all well matched witheach other. -$ 80.00 Two Laskey 59 MD mouthpieces. $70.00 AND,.... Schilke- One straight model 51 and a custom made Model 50 with a 51 rim. Both are one piece mouthpiece, both rims are well matched. $80.00
Contact: Mike Brown --
    Slides - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Buy: Bach 36 Slide
Looking for excellent condition Bach 36 hand slide. Lightweight or regular
Contact: Jon B. Anderson --
    Slides - For Sale
    Cases and Gig Bags - Want to Buy/Trade
    Cases and Gig Bags - For Sale
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    Misc. - For Sale
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    Printed Music - For Sale
For Sale: Music Collection
I am selling off my collection of study materials and sheet music library. My library includes 77 exercise/studies/etude books, 145 solos, 7 duet books, 19 orchestral exercise books, 15 trombone/brass pedagogy books, and 42 trombone quartets. The vast majority are in good condition although a few have some wear. I would prefer to sell off in chunks based on category as I don't really want to piecemeal it. That being said, I am asking $5-10 each with price negotiable on larger chunks. I will accept paypal and buyer pays for shipping (I will ship via USPS media mail). I have a complete music list that I can e-mail if you are interested.
Contact: Josh Tedeton --
    Recorded Music - Wanted
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