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Want to Buy: Laskey 90D
I'm looking for a Laskey 90D mouthpiece
Contact: Paul Bauer --
    Mouthpieces - For Sale
For Sale: Mouthpieces
I have a wide assortment of mouthpieces - too many to price. Upon your communication, I will polish (if needed), evaluate, and provide a 3-4 photos and price. Payments by check or Paypal. Shipping fees will be included in price. Please state your preferred mode of payment and zip code at time of inquiry. Thanks for your interest.

Bach Large bore
6 1/2A
6 1/2A Corp
6 1/2 AL
6 1/2 AL Corp

Bach Small bore
11c Mt. Vernon
12c Corp
NY 12
12 Corp
9 Corp
7 Corp
6 1/2AL
6 1/2AL Corp

Benge Small bore

Bob Reeves/Brass Ark
JF (Jay Friedman model)

Conn Small bore

Conn Large bore
5GR (Remington shank)
5G (standard shank)

Griego Large bore
.5 Gold plate bass mpc (gold plate)

Lindberg Large bore
4CL (gold)

Olds Small bore


Schilke Large Bore
51B (Conn style shank)
57 (Conn style shank)

UMI Large bore

Denis Wick
Mouthpiece boosters (small and large bore)
Large bore
Heritage 5AL (Gold rim)

Yamaha Small bore

Yamaha Large bore

51D (euroshank)
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Hammond 10L Mouthpieces
For sale are two large shank Hammond 10L mouthpieces. One is stock and the other has been altered with a slightly larger T5 backbore as opposed to the stock T4 and is thus stamped with a 5 as shown in the pictures. Both are in near mint condition with no damage whatsoever, only slight shank wear. Original containers included. Each piece is $95 and I will cover ConUS shipping regardless of one or both are purchased. PayPal only please.
Contact: Adam Bell --
For Sale: Trombone, Euphonium, and Tuba Mouthpieces
Santa needs some extra Christmas $$s!
All of the mouthpieces have perfect plating on the rim and inner cup with only minor appearance flaws as noted in the description. Please e-mail for photos. All of the mouthpieces have perfect plating on the rim and inner cup with only minor appearance flaws as noted in the description.

Small Shank Trombone:
Bach 5 - $35
This mouthpiece is in very good condition with only some wear on the shank. The name marking is VINCENT BACH 5 without "CORP" or any other information.
Schilke 53 - $40
This mouthpiece is in excellent condition with minute scratches on the shank.

Euphonium (large shank):
Denis Wick SM3.5 - $55
Excellent condition with only a few minute scratches on the shank and a bit of tarnish from sitting in a case.

Perantucci PT-84 - $65
This mouthpiece is in overall very good condition with a few minor flaws. The shank has insertion wear and is slightly out of round - my mouthpiece shank tool is in a box somewhere, so the price reflects the flaw. There is also a slight gouge in the outside of the cup that doesn't penetrate the plating.
Contact: Chris Waage --
    Slides - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Buy: Bach 36 Slide
I am looking for a used Bach 36 slide. Could be lightweight or standard. Just so it's smooth, and has no wear on the inners. Please let me know.
Contact: John Mindeman --
    Slides - For Sale
For Sale: Shires T47 Handslide
Shires T47 Handslide with #2 leadpipe. Like new action with lacquer wear on cork barrels where hands touch and minor discoloration near the bottom of one of the tubes (it is NOT red rot), as shown in the pictures. .547" bore with a narrow-Conn style crook, yellow brass outer tubes with nickel sleeves. These slides respond quickly and give a darker, denser sound than the comparable TW47. Perfect for someone used to a Conn-style instrument or desiring a more intimate or denser sound. Pairs well with all Shires bell sections. I can't justify keeping it, considering how rarely I play large tenor. Price is set at $800, includes shipping to CONUS. International buyers welcome but need to pay actual shipping costs (Via USPS).
Contact: Ben Griffin --
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    Misc. - For Sale
For Sale: Shires Bollinger Tuning Slide
S.E. Shires Bollinger model bass trombone tuning slide in almost new condition. Using the larger, "C" bass trombone tuning slide, the Bollinger model has a heavy, lower leg that is machined from a solid billet of brass. This gives a denser sound with a quicker response without sacrificing breadth of sound. In like new condition, the only blemish is some light scratching when I laid it down on a table without putting down a paper towel. New from the factory, these are more than $100 more. Price includes shipping in the CONUS. International buyers welcome, to pay actual shipping costs (via USPS).
Contact: Ben Griffin --
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