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    Bells - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Trade: King 2B Bell Section
I have an old King 2B bell section that is in great shape with a nice patina and plays great. It is numbered, of course. I use the slide for another trombone that I use. I would like to trade it for a King 3B bell. If you have a lighter, thinner bell (they are all so different) that would be terrific. Let me know please.
Contact: Randy Aldcroft --
Want to Buy: Conn 62H Bell Section
Interested in Conn 62H Bell Section. I would also consider a compatible double valve bell, like the Blessing BBTB-62R, that works with a Conn SL6262 slide.
Contact: E Brenner --
    Bells - For Sale
Want to Buy: Bach 50BL Bell
I have a Bach 50 with a Large (10.5") bell. I'm wanting to change it for a normal size bell. Not fussed about condition, and a trade would be ideal. It is in good condition, apart from having some creases taken out. I'm in Melbourne Australia, which may complicate things but I can only try! Cheers!
Contact: Chris --
For Sale: Conn 100H Bell Section
Conn 100h bell section only. Includes all parts from flare to slide tenon. Has evidence of previous bell fold repair. About 60% lacquer. Looks kinda rough, but plays great. It's light and plays bright. 8" bell, all brass. Tootsie roll counterweights. Tuning slide works well. $250 + shipping. Email me for more info or pictures.
Contact: Matt Lombard --
For Sale: Conn 38h Connstellation Bell Section
Conn 38h Connstellation (1950s) 7.5" bell section only, includes tuning slide, neckpipe. All you need is a 6h compatible slide (48h, 24h, 4h, 10h, 12h). This is one of the models with the counter balance built into the braces. No lacquer. No dents. All brass bell. This is not the BAC horn from the 1920s they are trying to sell on eBay, it's a completely different model. This is the predecessor to the 48h Connstellation. Its heavier and more focused than a 6h. Works better with a light 48h slide than anything else I've used. $350 + shipping. Email me for more information or pictures.
Contact: Matt Lombard --
For Sale: Rath 750NY Bell w/Edwards Fittings
For Sale: Edwards/Rath Bass Trombone Bell Amazing Rath 750NY Yellow Brass, 9 1/2" Bell set up with Edwards Fittings, Unlacquered, in beautiful condition. Excellent response and is great in all playing styles. This is my back up and needs to be played. $650 Shipped.
Contact: Jim Bermann --
    Leadpipes - Want to Buy/Trade
    Leadpipes - For Sale
    Mouthpieces - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Buy: Giardinelli 6M
WTB: Giardinelli 6M mouthpiece. Good condition, true shank.
Contact: Frank Gazda --
    Mouthpieces - For Sale
For Sale: Stork 1.5
For Sale, Stork 1.5 bass trombone mouthpiece in silver plate, new condition. $50
Contact: David Schwartz --
For Sale: Mouthpieces
Selling a handful of mouthpieces. All silver-plated, ranging from mint condition to some shank-wear. All rims, cups, and ends are in good condition. Please contact for photos or to make an offer. Asking prices do not include shipping from central Virginia
Small-bore: Hammond 13S -$80 Stork Custom T3 -$40 Yamaha Japan 48A -$30 Yamaha Japan 48 -$30
Large-bore: Hammond 12ML -$80 Hammond 13ML -$80 Schilke 51B -$45 Vincent Bach 6 1/2AL -$40
Contact: Zachary Guiles --
For Sale: Mouthpieces
I have a wide assortment of mouthpieces - too many to price. Upon your communication, I will send a few photos and provide a price. Payments by check or Paypal. Buyer is responsible for shipping fees.
Bach Large bore
6 1/2A, 6 1/2A Corp. 6 1/2 AL, 6 1/2 AL Corp,

Bach Small bore
NY 17c, 14D Corp, 11c Mt. Vernon, 12c Corp, NY 12, 12 Corp, 9 Corp, 7c Corp, 7 Corp, 6 1/2AL, 6 1/2AL Corp,

Benge Large bore
6 1/2 AL

Benge Small bore

Blessing Large bore
6 1/2 AL, 6 1/2 AL-L

Conn Small bore
12c, 3

Conn Large bore
3B, 4, 5, 5GR (Remington shank), 5G (standard shank), Remington

Griego Large bore
.5 Gold plate bass mpc (gold plate), 4M

89, 84, 66

Lindberg Large bore
4CL (gold)

Olds Small bore


Schilke Large Bore
51B (Conn style shank), 57 (Conn style shank)

UMI Large bore

Denis Wick
Mouthpiece boosters (small and large bore), Large bore, 2AL, Heritage 5AL (Gold rim)

Yamaha Small bore
48, 47

Yamaha Large bore

51D (euroshank)
Contact: Randall Ruback --
For Sale: Griego-Alessi Mouthpieces
Griego-Alessi 5C: $100 -Slight shank wear. Griego-Alessi 7F: $90 -Slight discoloration and shank wear.
Contact: Nick --
    Slides - Want to Buy/Trade
Want to Buy: Bach 36 Slide
I'm in the market for a Bach 36 hand slide. Anybody selling just a slide?
Contact: Dale --
    Slides - For Sale
    Cases and Gig Bags - Want to Buy/Trade
    Cases and Gig Bags - For Sale
For Sale: DAC Tenor Trombone Case
Selling a nearly-new DAC tenor trombone case. -Used 2 months, excellent condition -Black metallic shell -velcro-adjustable padding inside for snug, secure fit -padded backpack straps, removable music pouch, and velcro mouthpiece pouch included. As seen at the following links:
(Please note that the mouthpiece pouch is similar to the item listed above, but is not Denis Wick brand.) Photos available on request Total cost new: $660 + shipping asking $550 + shipping Paypal only
Contact: Zachary Guiles --
    Misc. - Want to Buy/Trade
    Misc. - For Sale
For Sale: Best Brass Straight Mute
Selling my Best Brass brass bottom straight mute -used only 2 months -in very good condition, very slight dent on bottom -plays like a dream As seen here:
price new: $200 + shipping asking: $170 + shipping Paypal only
Contact: Zachary Guiles --
For Sale: Wick Tenor Trombone Mute Set
Set of Denis Wick tenor trombone mutes for sale. Includes an aluminum straight mute, wooden straight mute, adjustable cup mute, and aluminum plunger. All are in like-new condition and have been used little, except for the aluminum straight mute, which has a few small scratches as expected from regular use. All of them sound good, especially the wooden straight, which has been discontinued. It has a gorgeous soft sound that's good for chamber orchestra small ensemble playing. Asking $120 for the set, but willing to negotiate. Retail value for these new would be approximately $250. Will only sell as a set. Buyer pays shipping. Photos available, just email me.
Contact: Matt Richardson --
    Printed Music - Wanted
    Printed Music - For Sale
For Sale: Music
I am selling off my study materials and sheet music library. My library includes exercise/studies/etude books, solos, duet books, orchestral exercise books, trombone/brass pedagogy books, and trombone quartets. They are all originals (no photocopies) with the vast majority in good condition although a few have some wear. I am asking $5-10 each. I will accept paypal and buyer pays for shipping (I will ship via USPS media mail unless you prefer priority mail). I have a complete music list that I can e-mail if you are interested with prices included.
Contact: Josh Tedeton --
    Recorded Music - Wanted
    Recorded Music - For Sale

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