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For Sale: Mouthpieces
Large Shank mouthpieces: Laskey 59D Gold plate - $80; Laskey 57MD Silver - $65; Bach 3G Silver - $35; Wick 4AL Heritage (No gold plate) - $30; Schilke 59 Silver $30. All in very good shape. Price includes USPS shipping Continental USA. Paypal please.
Contact: Mearl Danner --
For Sale: Bach 6.5 A
Used Bach 6.5 A (not AL) Tenor Trombone mouthpiece. Small shank. Silver plate. Excellent condition. Price:$35.00
Contact: Stuart Merritt --
For Sale: Generic Gold 6BS
New Generic (Denis Wick Style) Gold plated 6BS size (Bach 6.5 AL equivalent) small shank Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece. Price: $15.00
Contact: Stuart Merritt --
For Sale: Generic Gold Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece
Used Generic Gold plated Jet Tone Style Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece (approx. Bach 7c size.). Stem round and plating fair for age. Interesting mouthpiece with a sharper inner rim. Actual measurements available on request. Includes a tan leather mpc pouch with stem protection. Price: $35.00
Contact: Stuart Merritt --
For Sale: Vintage King 28
Vintage King 28 Trombone Mouthpiece (from a 1940/1941 HN White King Liberty 2b Trombone). Small shank. Stem is round. Silver plating intact and typical for age. Playing surface of Mpc has no dents or major scratches. Great piece of history and for the modern player who prefers a vintage mouthpiece. Asking: $75.00
Contact: Stuart Merritt --
For Sale: Mouthpieces
Bass bone stuff. Doug Elliott LB G cup $40 Yamaha 58 large shank $25 Both not used much so in very good condition Price include shipping CONUS. PayPal only.
Contact: Jim Theobald --
For Sale: Warburton Two-Piece 9D
Warburton Two-Piece 9D Tenor Trombone mouthpiece. 1.01" (Bach 5G, Schilke 51) cup size. T4 back bore. Small shank. Silver plate. Includes a new Reunion Blues Black snap style MPC pouch, with additional stem protection. Pictures available. Price:$90.00
Contact: Stuart Merritt --
For Sale: Gold Denis Wick 4AL
Denis Wick 4AL small shank Trombone mouthpiece. (Comparable to a Bach 4G in size). Gold plating is nearly untouched. Originally a large bore shank, I had it shaved to small bore size years ago. Almost never played in 35 years. Pictures available on request. Price: $25.00
Contact: Stuart Merritt --
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For Sale: Bach Case
New Bach Stradivarius Hardshell Tenor Trombone Case. Excellent Condition. Lock keys included. Pictures available. Price:$139.99
Contact: Stuart Merritt --
For Sale: Reunion Blues Gig Bag
Used Reunion Blues Leather (Cordovan color) Tenor Trombone Gig Bag. Very good/Excellent condition. Additional protection for slide compartment included. Price: $299.99.
Contact: Stuart Merritt --
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For Sale: Edwards Tuning Slide
For Sale: Edwards Dual radius Rose Brass tuning slide for tenor trombone. Please email for price and pictures. I accept Paypal.
Contact: Wesley Mayhew --
For Sale: Reunion Blues Trombone Mouthpiece Pouch
New Reunion Blues Trombone Mouthpiece Pouch. Black color. Additional protection included for the mouthpiece stem. Snap style. Price:$19.99
Contact: Stuart Merritt --
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For Sale: Nieweg Bass Trombone Reference Book
This item is for sale on our website at this link: After seven years of research, Clinton F. Nieweg, Principal Librarian (retired) of The Philadelphia Orchestra has a new publication of great interest to the Bass Trombone world and music libraries: Music for Bass Trombone A Reference Book of Works for Solo Bass Trombone with Orchestra, Band & Chamber Music Part 1: Compositions with Orchestra, 2nd edition (revised and expanded) Part 2: Composition with Band, 1st edition A first of its kind reference book cataloging more than 600 compositions from 400 composers comprising works for solo Bass Trombone with orchestra, string orchestra, concert band, brass band, and chamber ensemble. Its 200+ pages includes detailed publisher sources, instrumentation, recording information, timings, links to performances online, composer dates, and reference sources. Also included is a foreword by Douglas Yeo, Bass Trombonist (retired) of the Boston Symphony. This work is a must have for University & College pedagogues, serious students of the Bass Trombone and music libraries.
Contact: Gordon Cherry --
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