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The Online Trombone Journal seeks scholarly, and general submissions in all aspects trombone performance and pedagogy, and related disciplines. Preference is shown to those submissions that take advantage of the multimedia capabilities of the WWW.

Manuscript Submissions | Review Process | Technical Requirements | Graphics | Audio & Video

Manuscript Submissions

As a first step, authors should send an abstract to Richard Human, Jr. at The next step is to make the submission available for evaluation by the editor and for peer-review in one of the following ways:

  1. text and accompanying files on the author's WWW server
  2. electronic mail
  3. PC or Macintosh (preferred) diskette

Accepted submissions will be prepared in HTML format ideally by the author, or if necessary, by the editors in collaboration with the author.(top)

Peer Review Process
Upon receipt of an article to be refereed, three members of the review board will be appointed to read the article. If two or more of the panel members feel that the required level of scholarship has been met, the author will be notified and the article will be accepted. The panel may decide that revisions are needed, or may reject the article. Articles for which revisions are recommended will be returned to the author with the referee's comments. After such revisions are made the article may be published at the discretion of the publisher.

Articles published under peer-review are labelled with a gold mortarboard.

Articles submitted which are not to be reviewed will be read by a technical editor and one board member. Non-refereed articles may be accepted, rejected, or modified prior to publication. Any modifications will be made within the bounds of accepted editorial practice.

*Note* Historically, refereed articles haven taken precedence over non-refereed articles where tenure and promotion in the academic institution is concerned. While the editor recognizes the need to maintain a high level of scholarship, the presence of non-refereed articles will not detract from that level and will ultimately serve to increase the base of knowledge of our discipline. (top)

Technical Requirements
There has not yet been established a manual of style appropriate for preparation of manuscripts for online publication. As much as possible, the Online Trombone Journal will utilize the Chicago Manual of Style, 14th Edition as its guide for publication. Where the opportunity exists to take advantage of the unique formatting and presentation of the WWW; and where the limits of HTML require; exceptions will be made.

Authors are invited to experiment with the electronic medium. A WWW publication can, in many ways, simulate a conference presentation. The inclusion of audio, graphics, video, and text is encouraged.

As more quality information is produced, presented, and stored on the Internet, it will become possible to refer to many related sources to which the reader may go to directly, even from the middle of the original article. This non-linear presentation of information is one of the WWW's greatest strengths. Authors are strongly encouraged to seek out related information and, when appropriate, refer to it from their articles. (top)

Graphics for use in the Online Trombone Journal should be JPG or GIF format. For color or black-and-white photographs or complex images, use JPG compression. For music scores, simple line drawings, and other simple artwork, use GIF format. Include the file size and type of all graphics in the text, along with a short "alt" description of the item for those using text-only browsers.

Large graphic images will be linked to from the text and displayed in a new window. For these images, a thumbnail graphic of 100 X 100 pixels (or smaller) should be supplied. Large graphics exceeding 450 pixels in width will be accepted only when necessary. (top)

Audio and Video
Inline audio files for the Online Trombone Journal should be supplied in MP3 format. The editors of the OTJ can assist with the production and conversion of audio files.

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