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Sam Burtis -

This is the second in a series of Letters From NY columns I will be writing for the Online Trombone Journal.

For those who missed the first one, I have been taking part in various discussions on the Trombone listserve (Trombone-L) over the past couple of years, and I've saved the posts that made up a number of the threads that have developed during that time.

This month I'm going to include my answers to many questions regarding two techniques that are essential to my particular approach to the horn, mouthpiece buzzing and free buzzing. (That is, buzzing with just the lips.) As in my last column, I have edited and combined many of my responses, and condensed, combined and/or paraphrased the questions that elicited those responses.

My apologies to those people who wrote the questions, I can't credit everyone because it gets WAY too complicated. Nevertheless, my heartfelt thanks to all those who take part in the Trombone-L discussions, those with questions and those with answers, and those with both too.