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Spectacular Trombonists: A Review 
Compiled from a number of previously-issued discs, the six tracks on this CD showcase six virtuoso players at the very top of their form.


Trombone and Strings: A Review 
The trombone soloist, Joe Burnam (principal trombone of the Turin Radio Symphony Orchestra) can be proud of this CD. It showcases a great deal of new and substantial music, some of it commissioned by Burnam, which might form the basis for an interesting recital.


Czech Trombone Treasures: A Review 
This CD could be a valuable introduction to the sort of music played by Czech trombone choirs, and in particular showcases the contents of Blahnik's three volumes of arrangements of trombone choir music: "Prague Trombones," "New Prague Trombones" and "Encore! Prague Trombones."


The Island of Dr. Trombone: A Review 
This CD consists of a collection of what one would describe as easy-listening jazz numbers with a tropical feel, featuring Harry Watters, jazz trombonist with the Army Blues.


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