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A Matter of Time: A Review 
What is it about trombonists and their need to record with other trombonists? A Matter Of Time recorded by the New York Trombone Conspiracy enters the rich collection of trombone ensemble albums.


The Golem Shuffle by Dan Gottshall: A Review 
Gottshall has produced a very interesting hybrid, utilizing the most modern elements of Jazz and Hip-Hop, based on a firm foundation of good tunes with exciting and creative execution by each member of the ensemble.


Beautiful Dancer: A Review 
Carelli, while being a trombonist, and a skilled one at that, really uses this album to showcase his considerable vocal talents. Carelli offers eleven selections, all but one featuring vocals as well as trombone.


To The Sky: A Review 
To The Sky is a big band offering by trombonist/composer/arranger Ryan Haines which depicts a musical perspective of the United States Air Force. This 10 track set, originally conceived as The Blue Sky Suite was designed to appeal to both the general public and fellow musicians.


Easy Jazzy Etudes: A Review 
Mark Nightengale expands his pedagogical publications with this book of jazz etudes for the younger trombonist.


Movin' Up: A Review 
Larry McClellan's album gives the listener an opportunity to hear the writer, educator, administrator and trombonist perform in what is an obviously comfortable setting.


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