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Vibrato: An Overview for Trombonists 
Vibrato is a musical embellishment produced by varying a notes pitch, amplitude, or both, going slightly above and below the note in a regular, repeated fashion. This article presents various techniques for vibrato, discusses the uses of vibrato, and presents advice for learning stylistic concerns.


Duo for Trombone and Harp by Braxton Blake: A Review 
Performers and audiences will find Duo for Trombone and Harp, by Braxton Blake, to be both familiar and challenging, and a satisfying exploration of some of the sounds available to this combination of instruments.


Cadenza for David's Concertino by Werner Michel: A Review 
Werner Michel's Cadenza is a worthy addition for anyone performing the Concertino. If anyone is interested in making up their own cadenza (for any concerto), it will also serve as a fine example of how it should be done.


Playing Legato on the Trombone: A Primer 
Most trombonists at one time or another have trouble executing a clean, singing legato. This article is an introduction to the basic slurring techniques used by trombonists, and some basic tips on how to practice them.


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