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The Doctrine of Intent 
When students ask questions about playing trombone they first ask about mechanics and hardware. I can answer most of the questions, but when I can't, I point them in the direction of someone more expert than I who can answer their question. It is relatively easy to answer these questions of mechanics and hardware because they are questions of "what?." What I find disturbing is how rarely students ask questions of a philosophical nature. After all, this is a consuming profession and the quality of their future growth will not only depend on the number of hours spent in the practice room, but also upon the reasons why they practice. It is not often that I hear "why?" questions and it distresses me.


Orchestral Excerpts for the Tenor Trombonist: Till Eulenspiegel 
When practicing the first solo, you should be careful to bring out the humor that is in the work. This is hard to do if you try to play too loud, but a light touch with a rapid decay on each note will give this passage the lithe, carefree quality that is desired. The rhythm here is very important. Take care not to 'crush' the last eighth of each triplet into the first eighth the succeeding triplet. If you do, the rhythm will acquire a limp that ultimately robs the passage of an even, forward drive.


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