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A Short History of the Trombone 
Rather than try to explain the history of the trombone in one long chronology, it seems more useful to examine its role in a number of overlapping traditions. As political, economic, and cultural conditions have changed, some entire types of musical experience have disappeared. The instruments that have not been associated with some other kind of music at the time have disappeared as well. The trombone was on the brink of extinction at least once, but managed to hang on long enough to prove itself useful in some new setting.


Recital Repertoire of the Trombone as Shown by Programs Published by the International Trombone Association 
An examination of the recital programs published in the first 25 volumes of the ITA Journal, presented mostly in tables. Trombonists have programmed both solos and ensembles, with literature ranging from early music to avant garde and jazz. 283 pieces have been played at least five times in at least one five-year period or at least 15 times overall.


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