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Blues for Cook: A Review 
The majority of the works on this release are well known tunes, presented in the time-honored standard mainstream and bebop format. There's a pleasant variety of tempi and styles, and the mix is almost always very good indeed. The trombone sound is particularly well recorded.


Absolute Trombone: A Review 
Tom Ervin reviews an exciting release by Michael Davis and Hip-Bone Productions. "Absolute Trombone" features the writing of Michael Davis, and the solo work of such notables as Urbie Green, Bill Watrous, Conrad Herwig and David Taylor.


Orchestral Excerpts for the Tenor Trombonist: Schumann Symphony No. 3 
This challenging excerpt is among the most requested passages in orchestral trombone auditions. Usually only the first 8 bars are requested , but the rest of the piece is tricky also, and it would not be unfair of them to ask for more.


Orchestral Excerpts for the Tenor Trombonist: Bolero 
There are many challenges in performing this solo. They include waiting through so many "verses" before you get to play, making a perfect "bulls-eye" entrance, using an excellent ballad legato, and maintaining accurate control as the pitches descend. Also keep in mind that this solo has long phrases which may require the performer play louder than they might like.


Getting Ready for College Auditions 
A trombone student requested advice on college auditions, and this was my advice. (Much of this could also apply to other auditions and tape producing, such as for regional competitions, all-state tryouts, graduate schools and summer camps.)


If You Practice 
Let us discuss the benefits that come from focused practice, and the need for such practice by any trombonist who is ambitious, or is considering a musical career. This article was originally submitted to the trombone list in September 1996. The list also holds many fine posts on structuring and optimizing practice time.


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