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Audition Observations 
I was recently afforded the unique opportunity to sit on an audition committee with my section-mates. In discussing the experience afterwards with some of the candidates, I came to realize that a majority of them were unaware of their musical and physical reactions on stage. For their benefit, and for all of us who plan on taking auditions in the future, I decided to document the experience in order to shed light on the matter. I truly believe that we can all gain from others' experiences.....good or bad.


Douglas Yeo FAQ [DY] 
Frequently asked questions at the Douglas Yeo web site.


Getting Ready for College Auditions 
A trombone student requested advice on college auditions, and this was my advice. (Much of this could also apply to other auditions and tape producing, such as for regional competitions, all-state tryouts, graduate schools and summer camps.)


If You Practice 
Let us discuss the benefits that come from focused practice, and the need for such practice by any trombonist who is ambitious, or is considering a musical career. This article was originally submitted to the trombone list in September 1996. The list also holds many fine posts on structuring and optimizing practice time.


Lip Flexibilities for the Advanced Jazz Trombonist 
Good lip flexibility, meaning the ability to change quickly and smoothly between pitches, is an essential ability for any trombonist. This article is designed to help the jazz trombonist, although classical trombonists will find many of the exercises and routines described here helpful for developing all around good lip flexibility.


My Summer With the Mouse 
Come spring, there is probably no question more frequently asked of a college student than "What are you going to do this summer?" In the spring of 1999, I was a junior bass trombone performance major at the New England Conservatory of Music (Boston, Massachusetts) when I asked this question of myself. The rest, as they say, is history.


The Doctrine of Intent 
When students ask questions about playing trombone they first ask about mechanics and hardware. I can answer most of the questions, but when I can't, I point them in the direction of someone more expert than I who can answer their question. It is relatively easy to answer these questions of mechanics and hardware because they are questions of "what?." What I find disturbing is how rarely students ask questions of a philosophical nature. After all, this is a consuming profession and the quality of their future growth will not only depend on the number of hours spent in the practice room, but also upon the reasons why they practice. It is not often that I hear "why?" questions and it distresses me.


The Slide Heard 'Round the World! 
Using the Internet and Internet2 (I2), The Slide Heard Round the World! celebrates International Trombone Week (ITW) with events that include masterclasses, solo recitals, ensemble performances, and lectures,


Three (quick) Steps to Better Articulation 
It was the night before my first big concert with a high school state honor band and I was in a panic! How am I going to learn how to play something that was beyond my immediate technical ability? The object of my fear was Fillmore's Rolling Thunder, a very fast circus march with several challenging double tongue passages.


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