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A Witch's Spell and Animado: A Review 
These two unaccompanied offerings from Warwick Music were composed for the Repton Brass Festival 2001 and represent two distinct compositional styles. As always, Warwick's spiral bound editions are beautifully presented and strikingly attractive.


20 Pieces in Changing Meters: A Review 
20 Pieces in Changing Meters for Unaccompanied Trombone is a collection of etudes written for students in the 11th-12th grades or first year of college.


A Matter of Time: A Review 
What is it about trombonists and their need to record with other trombonists? A Matter Of Time recorded by the New York Trombone Conspiracy enters the rich collection of trombone ensemble albums.


A-List: A Review 

It was a pleasure to hear and review this fine freshman production effort by virtuoso trombonist Reggie Watkins, a musician with a full arsenal of tools at his disposal. Even more impressive is his ability to compile a diverse and compelling set of works, produced on the fly over a short 3 day recording schedule, made even more challenging by the level of difficulty of these works. Thankfully, his fellow musicians made the process seemingly effortless, and one could tell that this was truly a team effort under Watkins’ leadership.


Absolute Trombone: A Review 
Tom Ervin reviews an exciting release by Michael Davis and Hip-Bone Productions. "Absolute Trombone" features the writing of Michael Davis, and the solo work of such notables as Urbie Green, Bill Watrous, Conrad Herwig and David Taylor.


Abstracts: A Review 

Music can have many layers of meaning. Often the composer's intended meaning is spelled out through a title or lyrics, or written about in the liner notes, or depicted in the album art. Other times, the music is simply about music, and it is left to the listener to discern meaning. The latter is the case with Abstracts, the excellent new CD from Jacob Garchik.


All Day Meeting and Dinner on the Ground: A Review 
This is altogether a fine recording and an excellent representation of the ancient and venerable combination of trombones and organ.


An Evening from the 18th Century: A Review 

Ronald Barron has assembled a fine group of colleagues to collaborate on an alto trombone project that focuses on some of the most well known repertoire for the instrument, both original works and a transcription. An Evening from the 18th Century will please all who appreciate music of this era.


Anew At Home: A Review 
Norman Bolter, trombonist with the Boston Symphony, has released a solo trombone album which sets new standards not only of playing, but of musical depth, integrity and atmosphere. "Anew At Home" will cause all who listen to it to reflect on music which reaches to a very deep, personal level.


Arban Complete Method for Trombone and Euphonium: A Review 
In this new edition, published by Encore Music, the comments of Messrs. Alessi and Bowman are presented unencumbered by pre-existing editorial material. Both of these gentlemen bring impeccable credentials to the task, and their comments provide wonderful insights into each of their individual approaches to musical and technical matters.


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