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Choosing a Trombone Studio 
Trombonists who decide to study music have an overwhelming choice of where to attend school. Each school and trombone studio has unique strengths and weaknesses, and which degree and studio you choose is an important decision and will affect your future choices. This article explores the difference in the two main degrees available to music majors, survey results of important criteria in choosing a school and trombone studio, and important things to consider when approaching the audition process.


How To Pursue a Career as an Orchestral Musician [DY] 
A discussion of what a player can do in order to more effectively pursue a career as an orchestral musician.


Me, Myself and I: Are Brass Players Losing the Concept of Being Team Players? [DY] 
The subject of playing together as a team is of critical importance to any ensemble. This article explores recent trends in brass playing which have led to a more individualized style of playing which is often detrimental to the ensemble fabric.


Reflections on the Alessi Seminar 2002 in Italy 
Many readers will be familiar with the seminars that Joseph Alessi has held in Nyack, N.Y. for trombonists on two occasions, with a third to happen in August 2003. I had the opportunity to take part in a European version of the event last summer in Limone, Piemonte, Italy.


Symphony Auditions: Preparation and Execution [DY] 
This thirteen chapter article is a comprehensive resource on preparation and execution of professional orchestra auditions.


Washington D. C. Service Bands: Can You Afford Not to Audition? 
This article explores some of my experiences and thoughts as I auditioned and won a position with one of the most prestigious wind bands in the world, 'The President's Own' United States Marine Band.


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