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Jazz Improvisation for Beginners 
So you want to learn how to improvise jazz. "Where do I begin?" you might ask. You have worked hard to learn to read music, now how do you make it up on the spot? Use this introduction to get started!


Keep It Clean: A Basic Guide to Trombone Care 
If you were lucky when you first recieved your trombone, someone took a few minutes to teach you how to put your new best friend together and lubricate its handslide and tuning slide. If not, here are the basics of how to keep your trombone playing smoothly.


Playing Legato on the Trombone: A Primer 
Most trombonists at one time or another have trouble executing a clean, singing legato. This article is an introduction to the basic slurring techniques used by trombonists, and some basic tips on how to practice them.


Vibrato: An Overview for Trombonists 
Vibrato is a musical embellishment produced by varying a notes pitch, amplitude, or both, going slightly above and below the note in a regular, repeated fashion. This article presents various techniques for vibrato, discusses the uses of vibrato, and presents advice for learning stylistic concerns.


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