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First Song by Ben van Dijk: A Review 
With the release of his second solo CD, Dutch virtuoso Ben van Dijk plumbs the darkest and deepest depths of music for bass trombone. Richly expressive playing illuminates the way for the listener to follow.


Fishleather Jacket: A Review 

One aspect of jazz that often lacks the genre’s requisite creativity is instrumentation. Trumpet, sax, trombone, piano, bass, drums, and guitar seem to have the jazz world’s instrumental preferences locked up. A euphonium is rarely seen even in the depths of a large jazz ensemble, much less out in front of a quartet. This is only one of the reasons that jazz euphoniumist Tom Ball’s independently released Fishleather Jacket is so fresh and rewarding.


Gallery: A Review 
McKee's first album as a leader, is a long overdue chance for the listener to not only hear McKee stretch out and play some very well crafted improvisations, but also enjoy McKee's formidable skills as a composer/arranger.


Get 2 It: A Review 
Eubanks' most recent CD release, "Get 2 It," is unquestionably the best recorded example to date of the acoustic-electronic fusion that he has so successfully pioneered.


Gorgon: A Review 
This is an outstanding recording that will appeal not only to trombonists but to the musical public at large. That the Trombone Concerto is included in the package and that it is a Pulitzer Prize winner played beautifully by one of the world's great trombonists can only enhance the cause of the solo trombone generally. We owe a great deal to Christopher Rouse, to Joe Alessi, and to the Colorado Symphony with its fine conductor, Marin Alsop. The least we can do is buy the record.


Grand Chorus in Dialogue and Praise to the Lord, the Almighty: A Review 
Arranged for ten-part trombone choir, both of these arrangements by Gary Bricault provide the ensemble and conductor with a number of musical challenges that once met will yield to a satisfying musical experience.


Harlequin for Bass Trombone and Piano: A Review 
Considering the complexities of this work and Lipkis' own allusions to programmatic content, the fact that Warwick hasn't bothered to include explanatory notes is inexcusable. If you are in the mood for a real challenge, this work will offer plenty of them, both technically and musically.


Heart Disc: A Review 

Trombonist Robert Bachner is not a well known name among jazz fans in the United States. With his debut CD, Heart Disc, American jazz fans will finally have the opportunity to hear Bachner’s music without needing to travel to his native Austria. In addition to Bachner’s very compelling trombone playing and composition his sidemen all deserve mention as important contributors to Heart Disc. Christian Maurer (saxophones), Reinhard Micko (piano), Uli Langthaler (bass), and Christian Salfellner (drums) play very expressively and interact extraordinarily well with each other on this project.


Home Cookin’ Fer Young ‘Uns: A Review 
Willey does an excellent job of incorporating idiomatic jazz rhythms in a way that is attainable by “young ‘uns.” The rhythms, although notextremely complex, represent common syncopations found in standard jazz music that are sure to challenge the young, student without being overwhelming in difficulty. The duets could be a lesson assignment for a young high school student, or appropriate sight reading material for advanced high school students or early college students.


Homecoming by John Jensen: A Review 
Musicians often get together with friends for a jam session, and later think, “We should have recorded that!” John Jensen did record it.


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