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DidgeriBone: A Review 
Sven Larsson is an accomplished player, and while even a relatively short CD of free improvisation with overdubbed bass trombone and didgeridoo may wear thin on some listeners, there is an undeniable appeal to his efforts.


Divertissement: A Review 

The music on Archibald's CD entitled Divertissement was initially intended to expose young performers and listeners to classic melodies by composers of the 19th and 20th centuries. The trumpet playing is powerful, sensitive and executed with a distinctive, beautiful tone. The ensemble between Mr. Archibald and Ms. Edwards is excellent and the duo seems to convey successfully the enjoyment of performing together.


Domine, Salva Nos: A Review 

Robert Holland gives us a fresh stylistic challenge in his setting of Domine, Salva Nos. This wonderful work is a representation of imitative techniques used by composers of the period. This is an outstanding vehicle to develop nuances of articulation, balance, blend, and dynamics.


Doug Yeo Clinic at North Central College 
Naperville, Illinois, was the site of a terriffic experience for a group of about 25 trombonists from a wide geographic area who attended the Low Brass Workshop there from August 23 to 25. The three-day event was organized by Tom Izzo and hosted by North Central College. The featured clinician and recitalist was Doug Yeo, whose classes and performances made the event truly extraordinary.


Dreams and Realities: A Review 
Dreams and Realities by the Ansgar Striepens Quintet with guest John Abercrombie is an enjoyable new offering from the German label Laika-Records.


Duo for Trombone and Harp by Braxton Blake: A Review 
Performers and audiences will find Duo for Trombone and Harp, by Braxton Blake, to be both familiar and challenging, and a satisfying exploration of some of the sounds available to this combination of instruments.


Easy Jazzy Etudes: A Review 
Mark Nightengale expands his pedagogical publications with this book of jazz etudes for the younger trombonist.


Edenderry: A Review 

Marshall Gilkesís debut solo album, Edenderry, will be a welcome addition to any jazz trombone fansí CD collection. his project provides a number of different sides to his musical personality, ranging from straight ahead bebop to contemporary post-bop styles to a refreshing treatment of the Rogers & Hammerstien classic This Nearly Was Mine. Overall, this is a very enjoyable CD and we will hopefully be able to look forward to more solo work by Marshall Gilkes in the near future.


Eight Preludes, Op. 34: A Review 
Without the knowledge that they were originally composed as piano preludes, a close look at these eight short pieces would suggest that they could have originally been written as trombone duets. This is due to the fact that excellent compositions "work" as music in almost any setting; and that Douglas Yeo, bass trombonist of the Boston Symphony, has chosen from the original twenty-four preludes very well.


Excalibur: A Review 
Inventive new big band CDs are rare. Important new jazz trombone CDs are even rarer. And so, Excalibur by the Steve Wiest Big Band is a double treat. Each track is like a bold journey into uncharted territory, exploring lands previously unknown, but ultimately inviting and friendly.


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