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How To Pursue a Career as an Orchestral Musician [DY] 
A discussion of what a player can do in order to more effectively pursue a career as an orchestral musician.


Tempted by a Serpent 
This article contains personal insights of Douglas Yeo on playing the serpent, a 400 year old instrument that was invented to accompany chant in the Catholic church. Several photos of serpents are also included as well as links to other serpent resources on this website.


Bass Trombone Discography [DY] 
A list of all known solo recordings which feature bass trombone. Links are also provided to distributors for hard to find recordings


College Level Bass Trombone Repertoire [DY] 
An annotated list of repertoire suitable for college level bass trombonists, including study and etude material, solos, ensembles and orchestra excerpt books.


Douglas Yeo FAQ [DY] 
Frequently asked questions at the Douglas Yeo web site.


Orchestral Audition Repertoire [DY] 
This resource provides a listing of orchestral excerpts most frequently asked on tenor and bass trombone orchestra auditions as well as links to online pages which contain the music and annotated comments.


Symphony Auditions: Preparation and Execution [DY] 
This thirteen chapter article is a comprehensive resource on preparation and execution of professional orchestra auditions.


David Taylor, Bass Trombone: An Interview and Appreciation [DY] 
In this interview, Douglas Yeo talks with bass trombonist David Taylor about his eclectic life in music.


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