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Arcangelo Corelli, Solo Chamber Sonatas Opus 5: A Review 
The essence of late Baroque violin music can be found in the solo sonatas of Arcangello Corelli (1653-1713). Mike Hall of the University of Kansas has adapted the chamber sonatas (Nos. 7-12) of Corelliís Opus 5 for alto trombone, harpsichord, and double bass. The performances on this recording are beautiful and persuasive, both musically and technically.


Arrows of Time: A Review 
David Vining, Professor of Trombone at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, issues this confident solo recording featuring music from the present and the past.


Balanced Variation: A Performance Review 
Bermudians heartily welcomed five new friends and wonderful performers from Costa Rica who on Friday February 7th, 2003 gave us a hefty dose of both balance and variation.


Beast: A Review 
Beast, by trombonist David Manson, presents 5 electro acoustic works; four for live trombone and tape, and one for radung and guitar. Manson presents a very solid and virtuosic performance and all the pieces are crafted by composers comfortable in the mediums they have chosen. The technology that is used in the pieces and the virtuosity of the performer do not over shadow the artistic ideas of the individual works.


Beautiful Dancer: A Review 
Carelli, while being a trombonist, and a skilled one at that, really uses this album to showcase his considerable vocal talents. Carelli offers eleven selections, all but one featuring vocals as well as trombone.


Bedlam in Bethlehem: A Review 
A recording of Christmas music for trombone quartet and quintet by the Pacific Trombone Quartet and guest artist Ian McDougall and Annabelle Vitek.


Blues for Cook: A Review 
The majority of the works on this release are well known tunes, presented in the time-honored standard mainstream and bebop format. There's a pleasant variety of tempi and styles, and the mix is almost always very good indeed. The trombone sound is particularly well recorded.


Bone-Alone: A Review 
Elias Faingersh is obviously a talented and creative trombonist who has explored his own musical personality to produce these compositions. This CD is not the typical recording of mainstream trombone music.


Bundee Brothers Bone Band: A Review 

If you're looking for the most artistic trombone CD release this year, look elsewhere. But if you're a trombone junkie who would love to hear a couple of the instrument's most powerful and wild players romping through a mosaic of different types of jazz, this is the CD for you.


Cadenza for David's Concertino by Werner Michel: A Review 
Werner Michel's Cadenza is a worthy addition for anyone performing the Concertino. If anyone is interested in making up their own cadenza (for any concerto), it will also serve as a fine example of how it should be done.


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